Hairline Cracks In My Teeth

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joko | 23:19 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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Ive noticed whenever i shine a light into my mouth i can see all these hairline cracks in my teeth, they kind of catch the light.

theyre not visible normally

i do seem to have weak teeth and a lot have broken & chipped.

is it normal to have cracks like this? it seems really weird to have so many cracks - its not like i sit around cracking gobstoppers all day!

i possibly have hEDS which is known to cause teeth issue - but i would think thats more to do with gums etc - because hEDS is connective tissue & collagen disorder.

my bones, nails and hair seem ok, so not sure why my teeth are like this.

i clean them twice a day - sometimes only once - and i have numerous flossing devices - air, water etc.

so whats up with them?

what can i do?

thanks :)


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I thought I could see a crack in my tooth, and I asked the dentist to have a look.

He laughed, because there was no crack. It just looked like there was to me when light was shone in a certain way.
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yeah theyre not 'proper' cracks, but theyre definitely there and they didnt used to be.
hairline cracks are barely noticable.
maybe your dentist was looking straight on - they show up better when the light is at the side, it sort of catches the inside 'edge'. its like theyre transparent or something, its weird.
theyr are definitely there though - maybe try to get a photo to show your dentist.
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if it was just one or 2 id just think, bad luck, but there are quite a few, more than one on some teeth.

i doubt theres much the dentist can do to fix them, but there may be something to stop them getting any worse
I would have thought that the dentist is better at spotting such things than you are. Maybe you're too worried about something that's not really an issue. You don't say whether or not you've let the dentist examine your teeth. I think you should go to the dentist, rather than trying to self-diagnose.
"my bones, nails and hair seem ok..." Well, bones you can't see, hair wouldn't have cracks. I think you're a worrier, and it's surely best to seek good advice, i.e. from a dentist. Best wishes.
//Ive noticed whenever i shine a light into my mouth// ⓿_⓿
We do have a knowledgeable Dental expert as a member but they may not see your query in this topic.
Joko I also have hEDS And definitely have the same hairline marks/cracks in my teeth. My dentists have never mentioned them though, and I think they might just say that they are wear and tear. Definitely best to get a dentist to have a look
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thanks all

atheist - i meant i dont have weak hair, bones, & nails that break a lot.

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Hairline Cracks In My Teeth

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