Pickled Gherkins - Jar Is Cloudy ...?

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joko | 23:09 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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i have 2 jars of pickles -- one is cornichons and one is gherkins - but the gherkin jar has a cloudy white liquid, and the other is clear. different brands.

both have the spices and seed etc in

they are both in date

both were unopened. (i think! i guess its possible someone in the store opened them or broke the security seal button thing & i didnt notice)

so is this normal and ok to eat?

to my knowledge theyre usually in clear vinegar.

i have IBS & a sensitive stomach so im cautious about food that could be off - and im terrible at being able to tell when something is off.

what do you think?

thanks :)


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It sounds off to me, I wouldn't eat them and my stomach can pretty well handle anything. Have you had a look at new jars in the shop?
Cornichons is French for gherkins. Maybe try a bit of the cloudy and see if it goes down OK? Some people don't get on with vinegary stuff. I wouldn't get hung up on appearances; I'd just suck it and see. Give it a go (in moderation) and see.
I would throw them away. No question.

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Pickled Gherkins - Jar Is Cloudy ...?

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