Ringing The Changes For Lunch

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Vagus | 15:25 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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I usually have a sandwich of some description, sometimes cheese and crackers, plus a piece of fruit, and small glass of orange juice with juicy bits in.
Yesterday I had a big chunk of baguette with butter and ham. Today I had the remains of a salad from last night, and a leftover piece of quiche, again, from last night.
Im just getting a bit stuck in a rut so am looking for a bit of inspiration that’s quick and easy in this hot weather.
What have you had in, say, the last week?


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cold salmon and egg salad with balsamic vinegar dressing
Prawn alfredo
macdonalds big mac
buttered wrap
packet of crisps
beyond that i cant reember
El Paso tortilla pockets filled will shredded salad and ham/tuna and a spray of Heinz chilli and lime dressing - nice and not too heavy
I like a pizza in this weather nice and easy in the oven i also dont mind a burger in the nice weather so yeah id also do that in the oven
Lots of suggestions on back of packet
Fajitas i had recently very easy, chicken and peppers in a plastic bowl and mix with taco / fajita seasoning then just fry it all together nice one pan meal thing
I've been making either full size crustless quiche or mini quiche...easy to just take out of the fridge as needed. I made 3 minis on Sunday am...I've had 2. I'll have the other 2 as an early dinner shortly.
I've also had salads loaded with rocket and other greens, prawns, salami, hot smoked mackerel, Boursin cheese,avocado, olives, tomatoes, roquito peppers,fine beans, ham, cold chicken etc...any combination of those.
I'll also have seeded grain free bread toasted with pumpkin seed butter.
beans on toast
Like you, it's been salads all the way.
Tuna, red onion and mayo sandwich today.
Tin of Co-Op vegetable soup, cold, from can. Nice.
pasta 2+2 does not equal 3 :)
I know...I was waiting to see if someone would notice the mistake my fingers made.
Oh for an edit function ;)
Prawn and avocado salad.

Stuffed tomatoes with baguette

Stuffed mushrooms

Cold noodle salad. I did beef and tomatoes with peppers and onions.

Aldi flatbreads
Grilled halloumi with sun dried toms, pine nuts and rocket
Minted lamb kebab with halloumi
Gin and tonic
Salads, dips with crudités, or a ham, cheese or tuna sandwich. Got some M&S Chinese chicken wings yesterday (reduced). Too hot for soup! Lunch is always difficult. Better when we had dinner at lunchtime, then tea, which usually consisted of something on toast - poached egg, fried tomatoes, cheese, sardines! You name it you had it on toast. Followed by a cake Mum made.
Unless going out for lunch, I always have a sandwich at home. Always something different on it. Today it was salmon and very tasty it was too. If I'm not cutting back, I have a bag of crisps with it, but if I want to lose a bit of weight, I cut out the crisps ! My favourite sandwich is a sausage and tomato sauce one.
I like a pitta bread with salad, mayo and either ham or chicken stuffed inside
Years ago, Sainsbury's used to do sesame pitta breads. I'd stuff them with ham and cheese, dip into beaten egg...and fry until toasted and crispy on the outside.
sounds lush pasta
Now I fancy some gypsy toast (eggy bread)
Switched to a fruit smoothie with a bit of peanut protein powder too hot to eat

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Ringing The Changes For Lunch

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