Cono Sur Viognier

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LadyCG | 17:08 Wed 23rd Jun 2021 | Food & Drink
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Currently on Soecial Offer at £6 a bottle in Sainsburys with a further 25% off 6 or more bottles.

OH has just been and bought me 10 bottles for a cool £45.

As it's one of my all-time favourite wines I will be going to look for more before the offer ends.

Chin chin. :-)


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How does it taste?? I hate wines that are too sharp.
Wow. Bargain!..
Question Author
It tastes of lovely fleshy stone fruits, Sharon.

Cheers Patsy. Hic!
It's not too strong either, is it?...
"Fleshy stone fruits" sounds inviting. Time to try a new wine for the weekend.
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Patsy... 13.5% I think.

Pasta, it is a lovely wine.
13.5% sounds just up my street. Thanks for the recommendation.
I must have looked at the wrong one. The one I looked at was 10.5°/.
Question Author
10.1 units per bottle?
Oh yes!
13.5 °/.
That's better.. :-))
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You're welcome, Pasta.

He went to the other Sainsburys while I was out last night and got me another 9 bottles.
are you having a party?
Just a head's up if you haven't got a Sainsburys nearby. Morrisons are doing the same sort of deal, ie 25% off when you buy 6 bottles of wine priced over £5 (which is basically all wine these days - although we do a very quaffable Beaujolais for £5)(sorry, it does exclude wines which are on a 2 for £10 offer already).
Back to bed for me I think, I really shouldn't be up at this time whilst on holiday.
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Not in my half-renovated house, Emmie, no.

I will have a new wine cooler to fill when the kitchen is fitted though.
I added two of these to my click and collect Sainsbury shop yesterday only to find out this morning that it’s out of stock :(
Double whammy is that I wasn’t eligible for the 25% off for buying six either, as it meant I only bought four bottles. Drat.
In my experience Sainsburys online ordering is so annoying as they never manage to complete an order by having everything in stock. With regards to the 25% off - the moral is always to order more than 6 bottles so even when there's a "not available" you're still left with 6 bottles to get the discount.
As a general rule I’m pretty pleased with Sainsburys online ordering, I’d say 8 out of 10 orders are complete, and for the other two orders which aren’t, the convenience outweighs the problem.
You’re right, diddly, I almost did order 8 bottles, particularly as the Crement de Loire fizz is currently reduced from £11.50 a bottle to £9 and I’d ordered 3 of them, should have made it 6 of them and got the extra off for buying six. Doh!
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Cono Sur Viognier

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