What Coffee Are You Drinking?

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Hobittual | 15:46 Sat 12th Jun 2021 | Food & Drink
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I have a huge variety of Coffee in my office at home. It is all Tassimo. If you subscribe to get £60 of Tassimo's every three months, they give you a sparkling new Tassimo machine. The variety on line is way bigger than in the stores, Coffee from everywhere, (Except USA thank heavens). I have just had a double shot of Marcilla Espresso, which is Spanish. I rarely have the same full cup twice in a row. I don't work for Tassimo or JDE, I am an uncivil servant (Retd.). I also collect stove top Coffee makers. If I can put a pic up on here I will.


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Wow, serious coffee drinker. A bit different to the question which instant coffee do you prefer.:-)
16:43 Sun 13th Jun 2021
Welcome to The Answerbank, Hobittual.

Coffee is very much a personal taste, as countless threads on this site have shown in the past. I have to admit to mainly drinking instant coffee and, even worse, to currently drinking only the decaff type at home too. (I'm trying to keep my doctor happy!).

When I'm in a café or restaurant though, I'll treat myself to a 'proper' coffee though. However my problem is that I can rarely remember which blends I like best. The coffee they serve as the default option in Marks and Spencer cafés though is excellent, in my opinion.

I once had a takeaway coffee from a coffee cart in a London churchyard, which served as an outlet for a larger business elsewhere in the city. Their own blend used a very light roast, meaning that it had a natural sweetness to it that I don't normally associate with coffee. Up until then, I'd always opted for a dark roast, on the basis that it would have more 'punch' to it but I'm now more open to trying really light roasts, as they can have a surprising delicacy in their flavour.

You mention showing us a pic in your post. You can't do that directly here but you can upload your image to somewhere suitable on the web and then post a link within a post on The Answerbank. This is the most popular site for uploads:
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An interesting collection. Have you any idea how old the one featured in your third link is? (It looks 'vintage' to me).
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@Buenchico, Yes, the Vesuviana, it is 50's, so I am lead to believe. It is a good find and worth at least 4 times what I paid for it, allegedly. It is Italian very nice. There is a slightly different type with the same operation that I think is called "Atomic" or something close. It is a copy cat basically, American and sells for £400-450 which is a lot. I paid £50.00 for mine.
I am teetering on the brink of having a go at it with my Dremel. Giving it a bit of a spruce up. Some would say don't lose the patina. I really don't know.
I would be eternally grateful for anyone that sees my kind of pot on the net to message me on here. I really am that fanatical, so my wife says. I know some of mine are fairly new but style and function is as important to me as antiquity....
Thanks guys....
What is the web site you subscribe to
thanks scorpio i'll have a look x
Ethiopian coffee from Waitrose here, ground or in beans and into a cafétière for me..
I tend to like Peruvian and high mountain African coffee, when I can be bothered to make it, or spiced pumpkin latte, if in a coffee shop.
My Robens enamelled coffee pot is simple, but good.
The beans are collected when they have passed through the alimentary canal of the civet. They are deposited through their crap although I believe they are washed before processing.
Wow, serious coffee drinker. A bit different to the question which instant coffee do you prefer.:-)
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@Jackdaw33 There is also an elephant version called Black Ivory Coffee. From northern Thailand it is produced in a similar fashion, for the benefit of the Elephants.
what benefit do the elephants get? they drink the coffee?
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@bednobs. As it is sold globally, it does create a fair amount of revenue which is used to secure the the Elephant's habitat, otherwise it would spill over into the neighbouring farmlands, pachyderms having no respect for boundaries.

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