Looking For A Good Smoothie Blend..

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EllieJP | 16:28 Tue 11th May 2021 | Food & Drink
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I’m trying to get into the habit of eating better! I’ve recently lost a couple of stone through slimming world but I don’t find the plan sustainable.. So I’m going to start calorie counting. However.. sometimes I struggle to get my daily allowance of fruit, veggies and all the good stuff.
Can anyone recommend to me a brand that sell ready made mix goodies for smoothies with nuts/seeds/powders.. as I don’t want to spend a fortune on loads of individual products to find I don’t like them etc.. Also some great healthy smoothie recipe book ideas please! Grazie!


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Not a brand but Tesco sell frozen smoothie mix.
With regard to recipes, the BBC Good Food magazine's website is a very popular resource among Answerbank members. The recipes on it all have 'star ratings' from people who've actually tried them, often together with comments (which, for example, might suggest slight tweaks to the recipes to vary or improve them). There are 37 smoothie recipes on the site, which should be sufficient to offer you plenty of variety without swamping you with too many ideas:

If you want more though, this book is very well-reviewed (and cheap too!) on Amazon: User Recommendation
We've just got a Ninja blender because it was one of the few (only) which have 2 cups. We're just using frozen smoothie sachets from Mindful Chef. They're about £2 each and v tasty so far.
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Thank you! I will be buying the frozen ones from Tesco etc.. but I’m looking more for the nuts/seeds/powders to add to the fruits and veggies ☺️ Xx
Be careful it doesn't become more fattening than you'd normally eat.

The range of fruit/veg/salad you're advised to have a day could be much smaller than you think.

I would have a smoothie as a treat, not a routine.
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I’m counting calories so will weigh everything that goes in. But I understand the calories can soon mount up! ☺️
If you're specifically looking to lose weight (or to maintain your weight), this recipe book might be worth a look. It's very well-reviewed on Amazon and, again, it's cheap! User Recommendation
Ellie, I'm not sure it's a good idea to buy processed veg/fruit in powder or mix form. You should really eat the real thing. Perhaps half the benefit of eating fruit/veg comes from the effort and commitment of actually preparing the stuff instead of opening a sachet and gulping it down. It's like the Egyptian Queen's physician who told her to eat every morning some freshly gathered herbs from the countryside at dawn - she told him it didn't work and he told her that was becuase she had to gather them herself instead of sending a slim healthy maidservant to do it for her. :-)
I'm not sure what the powders are that you refer to. You can buy mixes of milled/ground linseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflour seeds, plus ground almonds and coconut. Also dried greens of various types All supermarkets and health food shops stock does Amazon ..Be aware that though full of healthy fats, the seeds and nuts can all be high calorie so a bit goes a long way.
Don't get obsessed with calorie counting as the quality of the food you eat is equally important.
Breville VBL062 Blend Active Green Blender.
I have two of these and they are very good, very cheap as well, I think £19.99 in Argos and Currys.
I use them everyday, I blend banana, blueberries, brazil nuts, porridge oats, ground almonds and a couple of spoonfuls of Linwoods milled seeds, plus a teaspoon of tumeric, all mixed together with Pro Active milk or Oat milk, that keeps me going until around tea time when I have my main meal.
I've been drinking this for about 3 or 4 years now and never felt better, my digestive system is great also.
Don't you find that terribly boring day after day?
diddlydo ..... not at all, never felt better, I am 73 years old and I still play football weekly and exercise daily either by walking or I do a fitness routine indoors. My digestive system is great and I've also lost weight.

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Looking For A Good Smoothie Blend..

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