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ummmm | 13:51 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Food & Drink
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How do you cook them if you actually do. They are much bigger than the ones I've had in restaurants.

Are they good on the BBQ? I also have clams, mussels, razor clams and king prawns (all raw)

I was kind and bought him some lamb chops :-)


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last time i had them they were deep fried i think
Whitebait you coat in flour and deep-fry.
Whitebait toss in flour and deep fry -disgusting things you have to eat all the innards,bones and head -yuk

clams, mussels. razor clams, wrap in foil loosly and stick on the BBQ ( I would not eat any of these fresh at this time of the year.)

King Prawns marinate in garlic ginger ect put on skewers and stick on the BBQ

"I also have clams, mussels, razor clams and king prawns (all raw)"

Stir fry.
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He's ordered a new BBQ....he just wants all his food BBQ'd. I'm not even hungry :-)
As whitebait are normally deep-fried
I'm unsure as to how you could barbecue them!

Indeed, the late Keith Floyd made a point of saying that you can't barbecue them and that they should only be deep-fried:

Let us know if you try though. We could all do with a good laugh ;-)
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I'll deep fry them and just keep them warm on the BBQ.

Thanks all.

I don't rate Keith Floyd though. He served up pretty scummy looking food.
Ah, but he knew the value of a nice glass of wine, Ummmm ;-)
We used to have them coated in flour and deep fried with loads of lemon juice.
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He was steaming most of the time :-) I couldn't drunk cook. I'd be covered in burns...
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Tiggs - I bought a lemon. I love lemon.
APG; surprised that you are squeamish about eating dead animals. Mind you, I am too, so I really shoudn't preach. We all have our own squeamish boundaries.
Not sure about the whitebait but prawns and muscles are great on the bbq.
I love whitebait. I deep fry mine & serve with a squeeze of lemon.
eve; do you know what you just said? Muscles means most meat! I know! you meant mussels!
lol yes mussels...!
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I will remove their heads and innards. Yuk.
Maybe the fish you had were Sprats. I think they're slightly larger than whitebait but look and taste the same.
Athiest I'm sqeamish about eating dead animals intestines and brains! Its for health reason, not moral resons ;-)
Tigger : you are probably correct. I read that real whitebait are a mixure of immature baby fish from many species. They are not being sold as it depletes fish stocks, so Sprats, which are bigger, are now sold as whitebait.

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