different veg ways

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smocky | 19:14 Tue 06th Dec 2005 | Food & Drink
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Would like to spruce up the xmas dinner with the traditional veg but try different ways of spicing them up. Already do things like honey glazed carrots and brussels with bacon, but can anyone give some tips on some simple recipes if poss. Thanks


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Parsnips with blue cheese . Roast off parsnips and crumble hard blue cheese over to serve i.e Lanark Blue, Blue Derby etc. for easiest version or make a basic white sauce and add blue cheese for a pouring version

Squash roasted in herb oil is nice. Just drizzle a quality oil over and add a hadful of torn - not cut - fresh strong herbs.

Baby Leeks cooked on really hot griddle and served with hazelnut oil dressing.

Baked Stuffed onions. Easy to prep and roast with main course. Tomatoes roasted with sesame seeds and serve with garlic dip (aioli)

Cook a couple of fresh beetroot, skin, cool and grate. Dribble over some orange juice (freshly squeezed - catch the pips) and top with around of firm goats cheese. Under grill for 2 mins til cheese bubbles.

Potato dauphinois with smokey bacon and chorizo

Cucumber stuffed with duxelle and breadcrumbs. Half a medium c/cumber, remove seeds and blanch. pour over a little cream, add duxelle and some parmesan grated over. Grill for 5 mins.


I always cut Brussel sprouts in half before cooking as I think they cook more evenly and look better on the plate (just a fad). Whichever way, melt some butter and toss them in toasted flaked almonds just before serving.

And if the sprouts are large but you don't want them cut up, put a shallow cross in the base/stalk of the sprouts before cooking which helps get an even result.

And make sure yoiu buy sprouts on the stem - the stem is a really tasty extra bit of the plant that is usually ignores. Slice thinly and boil oor steam in the same way as the sprouts. It has a nice and crunchy texture - would go well with the almonds as above!

Lovely suggestions from nick but not, in my opinion for Christmas day.

For me, Christmas day means lots of turkey, stuffing, bacon chipolatas plus roast spuds, sprouts, roast parsnips, gravy and Yorkshire puds.

No offence intended. Just what I like.
we sometimes have roased parsnips coated with honey and seame seeds, they're yum.

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different veg ways

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