Raw Vegan Diet

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GormetSkinTag | 00:09 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Food & Drink
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I want to go on raw vegN diet for 1 month. Any advice or tips for me please? Thank-you.


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Have you tried huel?
Don't do it!!!!
Look on utube, lots of advice. You really need to look into this. Beans/legumes must be incorporated into your diet on a daily basis for protein. You need to take a vitamin b12 tablet every day as you cannot get it from any other source. I follow a mainly plant based diet, but do eat fish occasionally. Lots of books on the subject, look on Amazon. You will not be getting the important nutrients without studying what foods you need for the maximum health benefits if you are going to do this.
stock up on loo roll and air freshener
.. I did have to Google what 'raw' vegan was.
I do eat lots of veg mainly in stir fries, but with very little meat.
This is quite interesting..

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Raw Vegan Diet

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