Normandy Pork Casserole

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Vagus | 15:53 Fri 05th Mar 2021 | Food & Drink
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With cider, apples and cream. Bubbling away in the oven right now, that’s tomorrow evenings meal sorted.
Tonight it’s salmon, new potatoes and peas, always enjoy that.
As soon as other half puts his latest Lego construction down he’s going to make a cuppa and we’ll have a mini fresh cream Victoria sandwich cake (courtesy of Costco) with it. Can’t go out for afternoon tea so we’re staying in for one.
Any tasty treats in the oven or on a plate in your establishment?


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Pork stir fry.. Pear and raspberry crumble.
No alcohol.. B-(
Think mine will be Chicken or cheese on toast
It's Friday so it's fish, chips and peas.
I was going to do salmon tonight with a green veg medley and new spuds....maybe with a spinach or parsley sauce, but OH has gone to bed.

So that's tomorrows dinner sorted.

My steaks planned for tomorrow will be used on Sunday. A steak Sunday dinner instead of roast beef.
Turkey chilli with feta cheese bread. Was going to make a batch of curry but can't be bothered tonight. It's marinating but can wait until tomorrow.
Probably be nicer, 237.
Beef stroganoff from the freezer left over from what I made last weekend
Ummmm - probably. I normally marinate it for a couple of hours. I used to brine the chicken until an Indian chef told me that it's not necessary.
It was fish for me too, last night. Cod fried in butter with mini sausages and roast baby plum tomatoes.
Tonight it's Thai belly pork with tomatoes and coriander. Possibly a glass of jammy red to go with it.
I might make some mini cheesecakes later...we shall see.
battered cod, and oven mccains wedges, i have other stuff, but that what i will do i think.
Got all the ingredients for spaghetti bol tonight plus some garlic bread yum yum

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Normandy Pork Casserole

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