Chocolate-covered pretzels

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MrPahoehoe | 18:18 Fri 02nd Dec 2005 | Food & Drink
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Nestle used to make bags of chocolate covered biscuit pretzels. Before trying them I used to think they would be nasty, but the combination of salty pretzel and sweet chocolate is actually really nice and incredibly morish. I can't find them anywhere, or anything like them, does anyone know anywhere I could buy some chocolate-covered pretzels?

Thanks, MrP


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no they stopped making them I used to love them too. Why don't you melt some chocolate and dip your own?

either nuke the chocolate in 10 second bursts at about 600 watts or break it in to a bowl and melt it over a pan of simmering water. dip the Pretzels on a fork and cool on non stick paper or have a choccy fondue and eat them warm and dripping!!

Slightly different, but I am a food buyer for a shop and last Christmas my rep from BRINDISA, a Spanish importer made me eat chocolate covered PORK SCRATCHINGS! They were delicious but you'd never dream that they would be! The combination of sweet and salty is amazing. They have a website but not sure if they ever took off!! Chocolate covered smoked and salted nuts are also delicious...ooh my mouth is watering now!!

Oh i remember them....they even marketed them as being "moorish" . Saying you cant just have the one.

Seems daft to have stoppped making them, just must not have made that much profit on them

loved them!!! but here is an alternative, let us know if you try them

sorry, i meant to add they are the 3rd product down

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Chocolate-covered pretzels

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