In Tesco This Morning On Sale.

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needawin | 12:13 Tue 22nd Dec 2020 | Food & Drink
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Just been in Tesco this morning. First display that met me at the door. Pallets of carrots.

Large label on bags. Two Union Jacks on the bag and the wording in large letters "British Carrots".

Underneath in a smaller notice, "Grown in Spain".

Is this legal?


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Definitely the police.
(If sufficiently interested, point it out to a member of staff...just a silly mistake,surely?)
It ought not be as, if true, it is clearly attempted deception.
Probably claiming they're British because a British company bought them. Or maybe bagged them.
Perhaps they were grown by an expat. ;o)
Maybe they came from British seeds. Dual citizenship.
Maybe the seeds were British.
Much British seed is spilt in Spain...
El Carrots? Call the rozzers me old china!
When you cut into them, which language do they say "ouch!" in?
Do they say yes to a cup of tea?
well we bought them so they are now British!
i thought this was known about. that they are packaged here but grown elsewhere.
sure thats the case for lots of produce
Go to your local farm shop
not any round these here parts.
i thought this was well known,
Not only not well known, leaves one wondering why a supplier is allowed to lie and deceive in a country that is supposed to have laws that protect the consumer.
one has to check all packages, they are obviously misleading

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In Tesco This Morning On Sale.

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