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jennyjoan | 16:59 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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Where can I buy BLACKBERRY. jam


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any supermarket surely JJ
Question Author
Think only blackcurrant
will check out and see.
There's a seedless Bramble one here, as near as dammit Blackberry.
Look out for bramble it's sometimes called that
Holland Barrett do a Blackberry and Apple jam apparently
seems you can also get it on amazon, some are combinations withother fruits
Some on Etsy too JJ, not sure if all ship to you though.
Blackberries aren't widely commercially cultivated, so blackberry jam can be extremely hard to find in the shops. Waitrose stock Tiptree Blackberry Jelly though:

Otherwise you'll probably need to check out independent delicatessen shops, where I've quite often seen the St Dalfour range of products stocked ( ) or possibly health food stores. (Holland and Barrett stock a reduced sugar Blackberry & Apple Jam but not a pure blackberry one)
As Mamya points out, 'blackberry' and 'bramble' are virtually synonymous terms when it comes to jam. (My mother always made bramble jelly from the multitude of blackberries that my father and I picked on local heathland).

Mackays Seedless Bramble Preserve is £1.65 for a 340g jar in Tesco, Morrison's and Sainsbury's. Morrison's also stock their own brand, at just 65p for 454g.
I'd try the Mackays for sure.
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Have ordered Etsy - 2 jars of home-made. Will let you know how divine it is LOL
good for you, at least you found some

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