Sweet And Sour Chicken

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Vagus | 17:17 Sat 14th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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for us tonight.
Followed by a bread and butter pudding which has been languishing in the freezer for maybe a year.
And you?


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Take away Chinese......not well so himself has taken it upon himself to collect it.
Chilli nachos with sour cream and guacamole
Diet shake and a bit of toast and peanut butter - 28lbs lost so far.
Chicken vindaloo, tadka dal, pilau rice and Taittinger
Indian lamb tray bake and steamed shredded white cabbage tossed in a mango chilli dressing.
Well done [email protected]
Sausages, chips, eggs, peas and grilled tomatoes.

What Mr T calls 'a cowboy tea.'
Quiche and chips followed by a creamy toffee desert.
Just had it. Fillet steak n onions(English mustard a must) Stuffed Portobello mushrooms(by me) and chips. We have what we call a cowboy breakfast sometimes Tills. Bacon eggs and beans. Blazin saddles all round. :))
Linguine with Mushroom stroganoff . Diet style
Do you stuff the Portobello mushrooms with blue cheese (Rocquefort) and wrap with bacon?
No Retro. Carefully scoop a bit of the middle out with a teaspoon. Put it chopped into a non stick pan with chopped onion, tomato, crushed garlic(I use a garlic crusher) chopped courgette or green pepper if non in the fridge. Sweat it up with olive oil and seasoning. Ripe Brie(plenty of) in the slightly hollowed mushrooms, top with the mixture from the pan, onto a foil covered oven proof plate and 25 mins at gas 5 in the oven. I also skin the mushrooms whilst prepping. Very filling and full on veggie if you want that sortafing.
Smashing. Will give that a go for my diet regime brunch. We do them the way I described as a starter most years but I doubt my grand daughters will eat them this year when we cater for the hungry hoards at Christmas.
Sloppy Joe without the Joe.
I've had stuffed mushrooms twice this week. The first was a Nigel Slater recipe...spinach and camembert cheese. The second was sausage meat, shallots and cheddar.

Tonight-chicken mini fillets with shallots and roasted butternut squash.
Cowboys eat beans...
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Pasta, early next week we’re having yet another tray bake meal from the book...butternut squash, chickpeas, something else I can’t remember, topped with goats cheese and rocket.
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I eat beans and I ain’t a cowboy.
As opposed to peas.
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Oh yes, defo beans not peas in that meal.

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Sweet And Sour Chicken

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