Anyone Increased Their Comfort Eating Because Of The Pandemic?

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EdmundD | 17:07 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | Food & Drink
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We haven't but apparently Premier Foods have gained a million new customers.


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Yes me definitely, but I've only put a bit of extra weight on as I walk for miles every day!
eerrgghh I do not consider bisto or custard as comfort food :)
Me neither, it's the extra pizza and ice cream I eat that I call comfort food!
I've always eaten so much comfort food that I don't think it would be possible to eat any more anyway!

I read that BBC article earlier and I was left wondering how Premier Foods have worked out that they've got a million new customers. Their actual customers are the major supermarket chains (whom they supply directly) and wholesalers like Booker. They clearly can't be supplying one million extra supermarket chains and wholesalers, so they must mean that there are now one million extra consumers of their products. However increased sales figures for Premier Foods won't indicate whether regular consumers are just buying more of their products or whether there are now extra consumers purchasing them. They could only get that information if, say, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's are sharing data that they get through loyalty cards but I can't see why they would.
I haven't increased anything particularly, I don't eat mush sweet stuff but my meals have started to turn more comforting in nature as they do most cooler months.

More stews, casseroles and curries than salads.
I don't go near bisto or ambrosia. Blehhh!
Yes a little but I'm going out walking each evening now with my daughter when she finishes work
Definitely no comfort food but maybe more "posh" food as we haven't been eating out. Bisto and Ambrosia - you must be joking!
Comfort drinkin' more like - southern style!
No, in fact i have lost round the waist, my jeans are falling down!
me me me - too much and when my diabetic nurse calls for me - I will be swinging in the trees - too much.
No. I love food but I've never eaten for comfort or through boredom.

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Anyone Increased Their Comfort Eating Because Of The Pandemic?

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