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Vagus | 17:08 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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It’s M&S classics No. 1 Bourgogne Chardonnay 2018, and is rather nice.
Will go perfectly with the ham, egg, chips and sweet corn currently under construction.
You popped a cork/unscrewed a top this evening?


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I don't "date" my husband and we went out as a family tonight. We had a table booked for 19:15 and were home by 21:30. I'm quite happy to furnish you with our menu choices.

Our son is having a sleepover at his grandparents' house tomorrow night so we're going out for dinner, just the two of us. We should have been in Brighton but that's another story.

Your continuing fascination with me is flattering, if a little disturbing.
Prudie//I've poured a Xorigeur Menorcan gin with tonic//
Ah, that brings back memories. I keep an empty bottle in my cupboard, just for memories. I love Menorca.

AuntPollyGrey ???
2 bottles champagne from client & owt to celebrate!

Oooerr someone has the hots for you LCG - dont tell hubby ;)
Very nice, Tambo. I nearly plumped for a bottle of Jules Feraud tonight but ended up ordering a "Miles" Chardonnay just for the name. OH is not really keen on Champagne.
AuntPolly try to be civil & not deliberately mistype LCG moniker. Grow up dear!
I know owt about wine & just drink what am given. I prefer peach squash - lol
I had a glass of Lebanese rose Syrah and it was very nice too.
Gosh, I didn’t even notice that, Tambo. I wonder if she thought of that all by herself... ;)
237, I'm sure I had a Lebanese Red from M&S once... ?
I'm not a drinker of alcohol normally

However i might have a drop of something now and then on special occasions

I do know that I don't like dry/medium wines
I like to taste sweetness in my drink

I was once called a philistine on here for that

So , what would you recommend ?

I'd recommend the Vouvray in my earlier post, Bazile, or a good Gerwurtztraminer (available in Aldi or Lidl).
On further thought, Bazile, if you're willing to buy from a good wine merchant, grab a Croatian Muscat. Sweet but fresh and pure, and not cloying....
Thanks for the recommendation
agree with the captain, 19 Crimes chardonnay is excellent
M&S primitivo is smooth easy drinking...
Jam Shed do a Malbec and a Shiraz maybe that’s why some like it some don’t. Your drinking a different one. I’m not a fan of wines from Chile Argentina, California. Preferring Spanish Portuguese. but Aldi’s Australian Chardonnay is nice.
Wolf Blass i have in abundance, nice and crisp red with a bit of a bite to it

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