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Vagus | 17:00 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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Butter beans, passata, shallots, cayenne.
All in the tiny slow cooker we have, to be partaken with rumblethumps.
Smells nice, hope it tastes nice.
Usually use our local award winning butchers sausages but for reasons I’m not going into, can’t get there at the moment so M&S old English have been substituted.
A very easy meal, and very little washing up, thankfully.


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I used to make sausage and bean casserole all the time. Wonder if it will work with Richmond meat free sausages. Will give it a go at the weekend.
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Don’t see why not tigger.
You've made it intriguing now !
I'm doing pasta with pesto, onions, mushrooms and olives
What are rumblethumps?
Sausage casserole for me this evening - I get 4 meals from 6 Tesco thick pork sossies, tin of butter beans, small tin of kidney beans, 1/2 each roughly chopped red, green, yellow peppers, one each of huge onion, carrot, celery stick, tin chopped toms (& tin of water), Oxo cube, large spoon chopped ginger, all sorts from the herb/spice cupboard.

Oh, and a wodge of nuked mash. Yum.
I think its mashed potato with turnip but that would be too many carbs in my opinion with all those beans.
I always do my sausages in the slowcooker...less chance of burning them.
Beans don't like me very much though.
I'd want more sausages and fewer carbs.
I was told by my consultant that all beans (legumes) are inflammatory. They don't agree with me either so it would be sausages with maybe grilled aubergines smothered in garlic olive oil, or a Mediterranean veg bake.
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These rumblethumps, courtesy of sainsburys, are mash with cabbage in and grated cheese on top.
Thanks Vagus.
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Legumes can cause some people problems, but generally if you’re not of an inflammatory disposition, they’re a good source of fibre.
They sometimes cause me a problem, and sometimes don’t.
Linda McCartney rosemary and thyme vege sausages are good in casserole
// but generally if you’re not of an inflammatory disposition, //

Vagus we're not talking farts here -I've an auto-immune disease that cause inflammation of the joints ;-)
// Linda McCartney rosemary and thyme vege sausages are good //

yes they are very good. I served them at a BBQ last year and no one guessed they were veggie.
I once threw aubergine in the slow cooker along with my sausages as I had no other veg. It was surprisingly good, so I've continued with the combo...sometimes as a traybake with peppers.
Never heard of rumblethumps but it sounds yummy.
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I know APG, so do I.
Sometimes these foods cause me a problem (not talking flatulence here) sometimes they don’t.
Scottish dish rumbledethumps. Potato, onion and cabbage.

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