Can Marmite Go Out Of Date?

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Stargazer | 21:31 Sun 23rd Aug 2020 | Food & Drink
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I have just opened a jar with the date 2016


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No, it's fine.
Wrong section. That's not food.
It’s the best food! Of course it’s fine, as Mamya said.
Sniff and smell, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Az, since when did it not become food?
He presumably doesn't like it.

I regularly open jars over 5 years old. It is a sealed jar and has a high salt content which means it keeps.

Here is my current Marmite cellar...
Must have a mucky pillow if he's been using it for a face cream.
The way things are going it may have to have some white colouring added.
Question Author
Thanks everyone. I have just eaten it. I always thought it had an endless shelf life. My youngest daughter would not touch anything deemed Out of date. When I was younger absolutely nothing had a use by or use before date stamped on it. The only things I am suspicious about are eggs.
If you whip it it does go white.

^ Don't read anything into that.
You've done right Stargazer.
Sacrilege Sacrilege, somebody's ruined some perfectly good Guinness by adding Marmite to it ( Gromit's link ).
My Seabrook Worcestershire Sauce flavoured crisps are very nice though.
Mamaya behave. is they something you ain't willing to share. hmmm
Where can I get the Guiness Marmite? Yum.
You might not be able to see, but there is Marston’s Pedigree there too.

( I am sure you all know that Marmite is a by product of the brewing industry. It is the spent yeast after a brew - hence the Guinness and Pedigree special editions).
It matures in the glass. 2016 is a bit young yet.

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Can Marmite Go Out Of Date?

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