Would You Eat Food Cooked On Friday Evening?

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ummmm | 11:18 Sun 16th Aug 2020 | Food & Drink
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It's duck breast, dauphinoise potatoes and greens. Cook duck Friday for dinner but OH fell asleep. Didn't get a chance to eat it yesterday.

As soon as it was cooked and cooled down it was wrapped and boxed and has been in the fridge since.

I'm reluctant to throw out some perfectly pink duck.


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Yes, I would as long as its reheated thoroughly and piping hot.
I’m sure OH will have no problem eating the meal, which has been well stored .
What difference is there in a duck ready meal from a supermarket, and one you've made, none , more than likely your one will be fresher.
Yes, provided that it is thoroughly re-heated.
Definitely eat it Ummmm.
In fact I probably wouldn’t heat it but just eat it cold, I love cold leftovers, even Friday leftovers on a Sunday.
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I'd happily eat it cold. I've made a spicy plum sauce as well. I eat so slowly I'm used to eating cold food.

Teacake - that's my exact thoughts. They don't change the meat daily on the deli counter.
I'd eat it...I'd say it's good for 3 days in the fridge.

Ready meals are produced under very strict controls. So unless you run a home kitchen where everything is temperature checked with highest level hygiene standards, it's not the same.
Yes, difinitely
I'd eat it cold. If it looks and smells okay it will be fine.
/I eat so slowly I'm used to eating cold food/

That sounds like me!
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I can physically eat fast. My kids are pigs, they inhale food.
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I can't physically eat fast either. When i was working we had a good canteen. My workmates would eat their lunch and a dessert and then butter off to the coffee lounge leaving me struggling through my first course. I gave up in the end and just had a sarnie. The food was free!
Supermarkets have been struggling for a long time with fresh food counters / deli / butchers, and fish. Since the virus its also made it worse with low numbers of customers or erratic numbers, leaving the supermarket unable to cater to any degree, so they've been throwing away more than they've been selling. Tesco's closed all there fresh food counters before the troubles, and the cooked chicken counters. Sainsburys have opted to keep theirs closed at the moment due to lack of demand. Morrison's, they kept closed for a few months then re-opened, but you can see its just lying there for days on end, I wouldn't touch anything they have on display at the moment. The hot counter is a disgrace, but that's the two very near me, can't speak for the rest of them. Also Asda are seeing them gone here and there.
Make sure it's reheated thoroughly and it will be fine. In catering we give 2 days on poultry. At home 3/4 would be fine as long as properly stored
Pink duck,eaten must be mad.
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Cheers ohwise1 and all.

Teacake - I've only been to the supermarket twice since lock down. They had everything I needed but were more limited on variety when it came to meat and fish.
One way to get a good clear out Sqad!
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Just slightly, Sqad. I've never had food poisoning before though.

Have you never had a duck salad?

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Would You Eat Food Cooked On Friday Evening?

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