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rowanwitch | 21:30 Thu 06th Aug 2020 | Food & Drink
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Would it be really dreadful if I used brandy balloons for gin and tonic until I can afford proper gin glasses.
Can anyone recommend good ones.


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A Brandy balloon would be fine and less likely to get knocked over than a long stemmed Gin version.

That's just me though.
of course not. Go right ahead.
We prefer our g&t in a tall tumbler Rowan, for the reason mamy says, hate wasting gin.
I've worked in, and run, several bars over the years but it's just occurred to me that I don't actually know what a proper 'gin glass' looks like! (That's probably because I was working on licensed premises before gin had a big surge in popularity).

Back in 1978, when I first worked in a pub, I'd have used basic wine glasses, such as these, for a G&T:

Later on I'd have used a straight-sided mixer glass, like this for gin alone:
or possibly a hiball glass for a G&T (where there was plenty of T to be added to the G!):

These days though, I suppose (after a bit of googling) that you're meant to use stem glasses like this (which, incidentally, don't look too dissimilar to the wine glasses I was using back in 1971) for serving gin:

Yes, you could use brandy balloons if you were really stuck but, with prices between 50p and £1.50 per glass, a trip to Asda might well be in order!

To be honest though, if I was attending a party or other social event, I'd be far more concerned about the quality (and the quantity!) of the gin being served than by the shape of the glasses it was being served in ;-)
Hate drinking Gin out or those goldfish bowls. Give me a nice cut glass high-ball glass anytime.
heaven forfend!
Does it really matter what vessel is used? I'd be fine with a large mug so long as there was plenty of gin in it!!
Just swig it out of the bottle.

Is the taste likely to be any different ?
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Normally I use a highball but with all the fancy ones now I thought I'd treat myself.
I'm with mallyj and I drink nothing but gin. I will drink it out of a plastic beaker if I have to.
You can still treat yourself to some fancy ones at Asda prices, Rowan ;-),default,sc.html

(I started my hunt for gin glasses on the John Lewis website. Having seen their prices, I assume that their stores must all be close to mortgage lenders!)
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It was so late by the time I finished I used a pint beerglass, feeling a bit fragile this morning
I've seen them being used for G&Ts - the Queens Hotel in Leeds.....

To keep you going, how about Ikea ones.....?
Another in the ongoing series, First World Problems. :-P
Question Author
If maybe a light distraction from some serious ones I can't discuss
What do you mean, First world problems - You're talking about my anti-malaria treatment!
Buenchico, I always thought of a 'standard' wine-glass as being 125 millilitres, but most wine-drinkers nowadays use glasses of double - if not more - that size. Accordingly, my wife and I seem to be unable to buy our size any more, presumably because nobody but oldsters would want them!
The Asda glasses you refer to above seem not to have any indication on the web-site of their actual volume.
We'd be most grateful if you could tell us just where we might be able to find what we want.
Thank you.
Hi, QM.

Being a skinflint myself, I don't just post links to Asda's range of wine glasses here; they're the ones that I buy for my own use too!

How much a glass holds does, of course, depend upon how full you want to fill it! Those cheapo Asda wine glasses don't look 'under-filled' if you only pour 125ml into them
but they will accommodate 175ml measures too
with their 'brim measure' being around 220ml
(Please excuse the rubbish photography! It's the first time I've used that camera, as I couldn't lay my hands on my usual one and I've not yet worked out how to get the focus to lock where I want it to on the newer one. I think that the images should be good enough to illustrate my points though).

Those glasses are as close as you're likely to get to the old-fashioned wine glasses that I was serving plonk in back in 1971, before lined glasses were introduced into pubs. Indeed, I'd describe them as 'identical'.

The only way that you could guarantee to get glasses that hold 125ml though would be to look for a local catering equipment supplier in your area and buy lined and stamped glasses. However they might only sell them in packs of a dozen or more. You can buy them in smaller quantities online but, with glassware being delicate to transport, you're likely to have to pay a relatively highly for the p&p. e.g.

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