A Fridge Bottom Meal

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Vagus | 15:18 Mon 03rd Aug 2020 | Food & Drink
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..for us tonight, using up some limp broccoli, a wrinkled red pepper, a couple of large onions going a bit soft, and a small sweet pointy cabbage with the outside leaves turning brown.
All will be chopped up and gently softened in the frying pan then a tin of cherry tomatoes added before two eggs are cracked into the simmering veggies, lid on for a few minutes till they set. Might put some chilli flakes in too. Yum.


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Nothing wrong with that.

I have done a freezer raid, a portion of my homemade broth and a crusty baguette to dunk.
Add another couple of eggs Vagus and I'll come :-)
Found fishcakes & frozen chips. Will dish up with peas. Really don't feel like cooking today.
Sounds great (except for the eggs). I would grate cheese all over it instead of eggs. In fact I would grate cheese over everything!!

We had wrinkled peppers stuffed with left over bolognaise and rather old spinach the other night, served on rice, and grated cheese on top.
Tonight we are having a Tesco meal deal for two. Treat of the week!
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I do love a good freezer raid mamy, there’s always something lurking which we’ve forgotten about, think there are a few veg soups in there from earlier in the year.
Rosie, we only have the two eggs or I would ;)
Sharon, that’s more or less our standby don’t wanna cook today meal, except it’s usually scampi here.
Ooh now, apc, grated cheese over it all, what a good idea :) We don’t have a Tesco near us but do occasionally have an M&S meal deal, they make a tasty change don’t they?
I did put some chilli flakes in, and a dozen cherry tomatoes I found hiding under the they got there I’ll never know.

I've done a freezer raid to cook tonight. 1 container each of left-over savoury mince and bolognese sauce. I'll concoct something Italian-ish to have with spag. Need to clear some room now all the French beans are almost ready to pick.
That's what I call a muck up in the dixie, often the most tastiest meal of all.
I’ve got some limp watercress, rocket and spinach that I’ll mix with my leftover curry from two nights ago.
Husband, son and his wife wolfed their curries down in one go. I can get mine to last for four meals.
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That's the difference with a houseful isn't it?

Rarely had leftovers when we were a family of four.
Waste not want not i say, done this many times
Vagus, that sounds good. I'm a beginner cook, could you give me and idea of time between each action?

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A Fridge Bottom Meal

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