Gin and ??

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sandrajo | 14:46 Mon 28th Nov 2005 | Food & Drink
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MYsis in law gave me a bottle of Gin, don't like tonic water, any other mixers it is nice with.


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gin and orange and gin and bitter lemon were alwats popular when i was working behind bars. Personally gin and bitter lemon is my favourite.

Gin and ginger beer, or lemonade is also nice.
ooh i just remembered gin and ginger ale is lovely too - especially with lots of ice
The only thing i can drink it with is a dash of lime cordial - v tasty!

the ultimate (apart from martini) gin drink

Ooooh, my kind of question sandrajo!

I always hated gin, or so I thought. I then discovered I hated the bitter taste of tonic and the gin was all right (it's booze isn't it?!)

My new drink now is gin and cranberry. Mmm lovely. If you don't like the strong taste of cranberry if you add some lemonade and crushed ice then you've made a beautiful cocktail.

Happy supping.

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And cranberry juice is good for the kidneys, thanks wilsarnie, a healthy drink, lol
If you don't like tonic water then it's possible Bitter Lemon will be too bitter for you. If so try drinking it with Lemon Fanta - I went a whole summer on it in Spain (Gin y Limon) and it didn't do me no harm.... hic!
It used to be Gin and Orange. Gin was always known to make you depressed and cry so I never touch it. Baccardi for me!
personally i don't like gin, however i do like asda's two new (ish) mixers bitter cranberry or bitter orange. Both go down a treat with vodka, so give them a try with gin.
bitter lemon yum yum

You could turn it into sloe gin, if you can still find any sloes. The recent weather will have done them good.

Or do a swap with someone who likes it and has a bottle of something you like.

not sure of the spelling its called pink gin and its with bitter allers
Hello 'homealone'. Yup, a 'Pink Gin' is made by swilling a couple of shakes of orange bitters around a Paris goblet. Shake out any excess and add measure of Plymouth gin with water to taste. Usually the gin and bitters are given to the customer who adds water to taste. The purists say : a/ It must be Plymouth gin (being mainly a Navy drink) and, b/ only water is used no other additives.
Hello sandrajo - Apart from the pink gin which I don't think you will like. How about trying a double shot of gin (50ml) in a tall glass over cubes of ice. Add a couple of thin slices of orange and top up with fresh orange juice. There is no better long drink but, be careful, it can become addictive!!
Hello sandrajo - me again, Just thought, you could make an interesting type of HARVEY WALLBANGER only instead of vodka just use your gin. All you need to do is add a shot of Galliano to the long orange drink above. I must stop this, my taste buds are getting out of hand and I'm slobbering too much!!!

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Gin and ??

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