Aluminium Foil and Acidic Food

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Xollob | 13:17 Mon 28th Nov 2005 | Food & Drink
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I braised some oxtail at the weekend, with ingredients that included red wine and vinegar, and left it in the oven overnight covered with aluminium foil. Next morning the foil, to my horror, was corroded in the places where it was in direct contact with the oxtail.

Is this a normal chemical reaction or should I consider getting a better brand of foil?


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Probably a reaction from the red wine and the vinegar which is acidic .Acid will corrode metal. Better to put a lid on your dish than foil.
normal chemical reaction!
Forget the foil, you would be far better investing in a 'slow cooker'. We regularly make braised oxtail. Always buying enough to freeze down several meals. Use a mixture of tomato soup and oxtail soup packets as the cooking sauce and add some fried onlion, garlic and carrot (no parsnips).. No set times but daytime cooking in a slow cooker will give you excellent results.
sorry it's not really an answer but... I LOVE OXTAIL. sorry I just dont know anyone else who likes it (except my mum) people just screw up their nose and go "eeeewwww" Why??? It's lovely
Also if you type "slow cooker" into the category search you will see why they are such a brilliant idea.
No more messing about with tinfoil !
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Thanks for the replies. I normally do my oxtail nice and slowly in a big cast iron casserole with a heavy, well-fitting lid - no need for foil. But at the weekend I was cooking for thirteen, and the casserole was not an option. Wainmarie - might I respectfully suggest red wine, balsamico vinegar, tomato puree, herbs and spices (allspice, cloves, juniper, black pepper, bayleaf) instead of packets?

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Aluminium Foil and Acidic Food

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