Caseroles on slow cooker - how long?

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WendyS | 17:01 Sun 27th Nov 2005 | Food & Drink
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I know there has been some threads here recently about the merits of using a slow cooker but can anybody tell me the minimum time a caserole would take by this method? I'm interested in the relative fuel economies of cooking such a dish by this method as opposed to using the entire electric oven for the process. What wattage does a slow cooker use? Thanks.


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A slow cooker uses little more electricity than a light bulb.
They are about 130 watts compared to 1000 watts for an electric oven.Perhaps someone more technically minded can explain it better!
You can't really cook a stew or casserole in a minimum time in a slow cooker.I cook a casserole for about six hours.The electricity they use compared to an oven is neglible.Plus with long slow cooking cheaper cuts of meat come out melt in the mouth tender.

Slow cookers are exactly that - slow! You do have to adjust your approach to cooking to get the best from them, but once you've got he hang of them they're very useful appliances. We had friends to dinner last night and I started the goulash on Thursday (yes Thursday!). It had about 10 hours on Thursday, then I left it to mature all day Friday and gave it another 6 hours or so to reheat it thoroughly before serving last night. It was superb (although I say it myself!), and I'm just about to finish what little was left over in about an hour. Also remember to use far less liquid than you normally would; stews & casseroles don't reduce much in slow cookers.

The average casserole takes 1.5 hours
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Only 1.5 hours for a slow caserole ?? Mine normally takes this long in a conventional oven. Or should this read 15 hours? My understanding was that slow cookers took several hours minimum. Does this depend on the amount of solid food & liquid it contains? Thanks.
wendy.. you will need a minimum of six hours for a casserole or stew done in the slow cooker.In fact the longer you cook it ,the better it as Narolines says in his/her post.They have low medium and high settings. I have often set it low before going to bed and put it on medium in the morning and let it cook all day. It will not burn.You prepare it exactly as you would for the oven.If you cooked a casserole for one and a half hours in it, it would not be cooked at all..even on high. Even in an oven I would cook a casserole on low for two or three hours.Otherwise the meat must be as tough as old boots ..unless you are using fillet steak of course!! Google slow cooker or crock pot and this will bring up loads of sites with lots of lovely recipes and cooking times.
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Thanks Shaneystar. I'm still looking around for a suitable model. Has anybody used the Remoska slow electric cooker sold by Lakeland? It seems to get good reports from users in their catalogues but looks a little unsightly. What other models do the rest of you use?
My brother has a remoska and it is very good.
This is their home page
You can do more in them than a slow cooker ,make cakes for example as they operate on a steam principal.
We have got a Morphy Richards slow cooker.The 3.5 litre model.
No ...that was lie! I have just checked and it is 6.5 litres.I am still in the dark ages with measurements.!
Tescos are doing them for 29.99. in a chrome finish.Very smart.
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Thanks (for the second time Shaneystar). Will have a look at the Tesco model next time I'm in one of their stores. On the other hand, the Remoska looks tempting too. Decisions ! Decisions !!
Shaneystar, I'm a person of the male persuasion!
Well that's good to know Narolines.It is sometimes confusing when you don't know what gender someone is.And I sometimes feel it's very impersonal to write HIs/Her in a post.
When I first joined AB I was assumed to be male when I am a female!!
Wendy I hope you decide on one or the other slow cookers and am sure you will be pleased whichever you choose.It's the only bit of kitchen equipment I use all the time and I have lots of gadgets festering in the cupboards.The cost has repaid itself time and time again with the delicous meals you can make in it.

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Caseroles on slow cooker - how long?

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