Trying To Lose A Little Weight

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andy-hughes | 18:46 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Food & Drink
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At 65, losing weight is not as easy as it was, so I will take any advice.

I like to eat a snack just before I go to bed, usually a bowl of cereal with sugar on, sometimes a small sandwich or a chocolate bar, or a couple of biscuits, always with a large mug of sugary tea.

I wonder if eating and then going to bed increases the chances of my snack turning to fat as I sleep.

If I dropped this habit, might it assist my weight loss?


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What's your diet like beside that.

I've heard conflicting stories about not eating before bed. Some say it's OK other not to.

It would do no harm knocking it on the head though. Besides the sandwich it sounds like you're consuming empty calories.
I have lost almost 4 stone since January 6th this year. It doesn't come off so quickly for me these days as ,due to outlying medical conditions,I am unable to enjoy a more robust excercise regime.
My loss comes about from sheer determination and will power. I do not snack during the day. I haven't since I was a teenager. I eat one meal a day. Admittedly at the wrong end of the day. I can't stomach breakfast and haven't done so for about 40 years. Due to erratic work patterns. The smell of a fry up at 0330 does not make my day.
Most importantly I stopped drinking alcohol and visiting my local pub daily to socialise. I timed that one well not knowing pubs would be closed when I decided to abstain in January. The loss has increased my fitness slightly and respiration has improved dramatically. I feel more confident that I may of given myself a better chance of survival should I fall foul of the dreaded lurgy.
Last year I set myself a target.Whilst enjoying the company of my friends on the shooting ranges one freezing and wet winter I decided I needed a certain type of fleeced waterproof trousers that had zips on both legs from waist to ankle as I couldn't sit down on wet ground to pull them over existing trousers. The only max waist size available was 38". I bought them in any case and vowed I would fit them for the next freezing winter. I am 36" now from an original fluctuating 46"/48" last year. It didn't come quick but resolve and smaller portions of food always helps. My trousers fit but the ridiculous NHS BMI weight suggestions should be totally ignored. I am large framed and 6' 1" and if I lost 1 stone at 15st 6lbs I would still be rated obese.
If I achieved their recommended weight for my height age I would look like a released Changai Jail inmate with folds of loose skin hanging down. Will power is the way to go for me. Good Luck. I feel better for it
Incidentally. I am just south of 70.
I don't believe bedtime snacking is any good and,again, for some inexplicable reason, I was on night duty many years ago and just decided I did not need sugar any more. As much as I enjoyed sugar in tea and coffee willpower kicked in again. I didn't need it and have not touched sugar knowingly for over 50 years.
Well done retro, impressive. Andy, stopping snacking at night definitely helps with weight loss. Like you I would have cereal or biscuits. It became a habit. Not a good one if weight loss is required.
There is not really any reason to have a snack before bed. That's a nice to do, rather than a need to do.
I know someone who, on reaching 100kg, decided the time really had come to lose weight. He decided to regulate his daily calorie intake and so decided what was sufficient. He ate and drank all the same things as before, only less. He lost 23kg in less than nine months. excess weight only accumulates if you eat more than you burn. Taking it off can easily be done by limiting the intake.
Luckily I'm still at the 'eat what I want when I want' stage. Also luckily that means days I hardly eat anything and other days I eat a fair bit.

Today I've eaten a small portion of bubble and squeak 1 cup of coffee and had 4 pints of iced water.

Like Retro I don't eat breakfast and rarely snack. If I crave something sweet I assume my body needs it. Not late at night though.
Dump the snack, dump the sugar, try a herbal night time tea
We are similar age and just started on the 1 to 1 diet that used to be called the Cambridge. Its not for everyone but I`ve lost 10lbs in 10 days, although it slows down as your weight falls. There are a few possible side effects, flatulence and constipation but the latter can be helped with a few psyllium husk capsules. I eat a normal cereal breakfast with a banana then shakes for lunch and dinner with occasional cups of tea and 2-3 ltrs of water.
Wean yourself off the sugar, Andy.
I do like a snack in the evening. My choice is sticks of cucumber and celery with a little dip of coarse salt. Can’t get fat on that.
i have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, then dinner
thats it, i do not have an appitite as such, learned bahaviour from youth, never had much money, so one got used to not eating on demand..cause there was nothing, got used to it..even now.
i would say, lay off the sugar ocassional chockie bar..once a month
just because you can, does not mean you should, salads are good
but not to much mayo if you use it, pasta is also good, filling.
i do not eat before i go to bed, your stomach may growl, but dont give in to wont die, self control..but obviously dont starve
moderation..less is more as they say.
Andy, have a look at the 5:2 diet. I can assure you that it works wonderfully.
Just eat less, and choose low fat and healthy options whenever possible. That's what worked for me when I wanted to lose weight.

Don't bother taking up exercise as a weight loss method by the way - do it as a general health benefit by all means, but don't think it'll make you thin. That's always about controlling what you eat.
Stop the snacking...stop the sugary "food" full stop. I tell everyone...ditch the carbs. Seriously. You don't need them...except for the ones in veg and low sugar fruits. Eat 2 or 3 meals a day...enough to feel satiated. Every time you eat...particularly carby set off an insulin response. And it's insulin that tells your body to hold on to fat.
Pasta, how do you compensate for no bread, potatoes, pasta etc? What do you eat instead? I'd really like to know, as I am beginning to think that bread, wholewheat/seeded/ wholemeal or white, isn't doing me much good.
Well, in spite of my name on here, I no longer eat pasta. I haven't for more than 10 just doesn't appeal. I use cauliflower as a rice/potato substitute. Low carb diets slso emphasise the use of healthy fats to make meals filling...nuts, seeds, avocados. I make seed flour or eggs,...or even added oil. But super crunchy and low carb. I also make a very dense, seed based bread. It's got carbs...but is much healthier than white bread. Lovely toasted.
Do you have a recipe please?

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