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newbie99 | 21:10 Fri 24th Apr 2020 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone knows if the UK version of the yogurt has Vitamin D? I can't find any information on their website.

The US version is clearly stated that they have Vitamin D.


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they seem to do lots of different sorts of yogurt; do you know which one?
I've just tried a site-specific Google search, using this search string:
"Vitamin D"

This is what I'm seeing:

So it would appear that Vitamin D is added to their 'No added sugar' range (but, it seems, not to their other products in the UK).
It has 20% of the rda of vit D - it's also the sunshine vitamin so unless you are in a blacked out room try get out in the sun, be it your balcony, back garden or just opening a window in a sunny room
Yoghurt is a good dietary source of vitamin D and it's a more easily absorbed form than the one found in, say, watercress.

Full fat yoghurt is the best as Vitamin D is fat soluble.
ducksie, I think Vit D's been recommended for those who can't get out much. We're having nice weather but a lot of people don't have gardens or balconies.
Vitamin D is one of the few dietary supplements that the NHS recommends that everyone should take during the winter months, with sunlight normally providing us with enough for the rest of the year.

However 'lockdown' isn't 'normal', so there might well be some benefit for some people in continuing to take supplements at the present time:
I understand that jno and was not trying to minimilise the question by saying get out .. I do understand not everyone has is living in a sunshine trap and needs there Vit d however they can get it in to them

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