Special Opening Hours For Over 70S At Morrisons Supermarkets

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howardhj | 22:49 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Food & Drink
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Does any member know if Morrisons have special opening for over 70s. Can't find enything on their web site.


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I phoned our local one and they said they tried it but it didn't work!!!
I don't think they have. They have an NHS hour but that's all.
They also have a web site that keeps breaking down. So deliveries seem impossible.
As far as I can tell, although they've got an hour each day for NHS workers, there's no dedicated slot for older customers.

Although this is from our local newspaper (summarising the policies of all the major supermarkets), the information appears to apply nationally:
They originally said that over 70s would be given preferential attention between 0900 and 1000 Monday to Saturday, but my 75 years old went on Friday 20th March at 0855 and along with all other shoppers (of mixed ages) went into the store without having to queue, and things were just as normal, apart from the shelves.
^^^^^should be 75 years old neighbour.
Went on Saturday morning and they were only letting in NHS staff and carers with ID between 7 and 8am. They had barriers put up on the car park in lines similar to the ones inside a post office. They were marked out with arrows on the floor keeping people 6ft apart. There were security people on the door and at 8am they let in the first 30 customers. I was lucky as I was no 23. We went in, did our shopping and as each one left another person was let in. The shelves were full of everything except t/rolls. Plenty of fruit and veg, bread, milk, beans and other tinned food. Did not look for pasta as never eat it. Left after 20 mins as there were no queues at the tills of course. Would probably have been a long wait if you went later in the day.

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Special Opening Hours For Over 70S At Morrisons Supermarkets

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