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Individuals differ. It's not implausible the couple had an adverse reaction to a restricted diet when others might get away with it. (And it's debatable whether going against nature and reality is "taking the moral high ground" rather than ignoring how life works due to being squeamish.)
My digestion definitely doesn't like a vegetarian diet. I can't manage 5 a day or anything approaching it, can't eat soya, quorn, or much of anything that is high in fibre. I do enjoy fruit and quite a few veg, its not a taste preference. I think that there is room in most people's diets to reduce the amount of meat and fish that they eat but agree that a totally vegetarain diet is not for everybody.
no reason why he should be lying, but equally no reason why his dietary experiences should be the same as anyone else's
acre for acre, far more vegetable based food can be produced than animal based food. since no-one on the personal or governmental level even wants to discuss the elephant in the room, then forcing the population to turn vegetarian or vegan is a complete no-brainer. so there will come a time when we and our bodies will just have to suck it up.
What will happen to the land currently used to graze livestock? Apparently, most of it is not suitable for the growing of all the veg that would be needed. Oh, and what about the animals that would also no longer be needed?
Like woofgang, I can't and don't eat a lot of veg. I also feel much better when I eat an animal based diet. There is no such thing as a one size fits all optimal diet, we are all different.
Oh...and why shouldn't we believe the guy. There are plenty who try plant based diets who find their health suffers.
the answer to what will happen to the animals? is that they won't exist. I live near the New Forest and animals are turned out there to graze and to keep the forest stable. If the grazers weren't turned out then the forest would revert to the impenetrable scrub that it was in ?medieval times. Ponies will only eat short grass so cows and pigs are turned out as well. The cows will graze on longer grass and the pigs eat acorns which poison the ponies. The cows and pigs go for meat, people don't do it for no return. I get, I really do, reducing the amount of meat eaten and nose to tail no waste meat eating but its not as easy as saying "oh we will all stop eating meat"
My question,for me,was rhetorical as I already knew the answer. Thanks for adding to it woofgang.

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