Alcohol Price Rise In Wales

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malagabob | 03:22 Fri 14th Feb 2020 | Food & Drink
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A reminder Alcohol price rise to come in on 2nd March. No more cheap multipacks of beer and lager. The Welsh Gov will bring in a minimum of 50p a unit for all wines spirits ciders and bees.


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Poor Taff’s no laughs.
The schoolmistress and her joyless cronies did this in Scotland a while back.
It makes no difference to the social drinker (me) but puts the price of the high alcohol, low quality rocket fuel like white cider up.

In our local Morrisons last night 15 lager, £13.20 and a bottle of Grants, £14.

Fear not Jones the Booze. :-)
Now is the time to develop the populations home brewing skills.... !
Is there anything under 50p a unit worth imbibing in ?
The Welsh Gov will bring in a minimum of 50p a unit for all wines spirits ciders and bees.

Either drink mead instead or tell the Welsh Government to buzz off.
Retrocop, I would love to tell the Welsh assembly to buzz off, not only because of the price of booze.
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Even the low alcohol teens favourite Lambrusco isn’t safe.
^ that's probably because they put a dash of vodka in it
.... that's devolution for you!
I wouldn’t pay 50p for a pint of Brains. Red dragon whiskey? Now your’e talking. :-)
I agree with Douglas,and we are being conned into thinking her policy is working.
Maybe we'll have a chance of understaning of what our Welsh neighbours are saying.
As Douglas point out. It is no big deal for the ordinary imbiber or drinker of anything other than the cheap rot gut. Strongbow, Carling, and Stella prices will rise or at least the suermarkets wont be able to sell it cheaper than bottled water. If your tipple is a decent glass of Whisky, Wine, or a craft beer have no fear.
Not sure if it's true or not, but I've heard that in Scotland you buy your drink online then go to the likes of Tesco/Asda etc to collect it and it is cheaper than buying it instore.

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Alcohol Price Rise In Wales

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