Tomahawk Steak

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Barmaid | 19:16 Thu 13th Feb 2020 | Food & Drink
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Mr BM has been lusting after one of these (which they sell at our farm shop) for ages. Now I thought I might spoil him tomorrow. However, how would you cook it? Anyone done one?

I do have a sous vide kit so I could do it in there and then just flash it. But they are so blinking thick that if I did it in the pan the outside would be crispy and the inside raw!!

Anyone any experience of these?


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I have no idea, so will post this instead - enjoy ♥
19:19 Thu 13th Feb 2020
I have no idea, so will post this instead - enjoy ♥

It's only rib eye left on the bone. I can't see what the fuss is about.
A beef chop then ?
Roast it in fat in the oven would be my guess.
Seems there are two favourite ways to cook it, the way in the video and a reverse sear where you oven cook the steak (lightly oiled and seasoned) first then rest and then sear off in a pan,adding butter at the end and basting.
Barry, the fuss is about the size of the steaks. You know how men are obsessed with the size of things. ;-)
I've heard a lot about reverse searing lately. I'm not a steak fan...I always overcook them.

Here's a Jamie Oliver video where he does tomahawk steak.
I'm saying nothing. Aldi and Lidl do Tomahawk steaks but I'm not tempted. Size isn't everything, it's whether it's filling that matters.
Darn...ignore that^^^^it's for pork.
I was looking for one he did on one of his programs...sorry!
That's a pork version, pasta. That's just cashing in on the beef variety.
Yes Barry...I noticed...late

Anyway...there's always Gordon Ramsay...
Good rib of beef on the bone is lovely, great flavour.
It is, Mamya, when it's cooked slowly in the oven. I often buy beef rib on the bone especially when I'm cooking for the whole family but there is no benefit to cooking meat on the bone if you cook it quickly.
True, that's why with this cut you cook it mostly like a joint - the crust is good though too.

When we used to get a big Rib for Sunday my Husband used to wind the girls up " This is my chop, what are you having kids?"
that waitrose one looks lush
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Thanks all. Not sure about this now. He might just get beans in toast!!
Have you got the steak, Barmaid?
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Thanks all. Mamy and Pasta really share ba but mamy got there first.

Flashed it on all sides then stuck in oven on low heat and then rested.

Served with game chips, fried onions and brie and garlic field mushrooms.

Very tender and moist and Mr BM a very happy man. I was really pleased with it. Not a cut I would buy regularly (v expensive) but extremely tasty and tender.
Glad he enjoyed it, or did you share?
So glad you enjoyed a lovely meal.x
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We shared Tilly. Although he did ask me what I was having!!!

It was nearly a kg so I told him not to be such a pig.

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Tomahawk Steak

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