Shaoxing Wine

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Cloverjo | 23:33 Thu 06th Feb 2020 | Food & Drink
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I’d like to cook a recipe that includes this. I know Waitrose has it but I’m not sure I want to drive 10 miles etc to get it if there’s an easy replacement like white or red wine.
The recipe is basically chicken, mushrooms, herbs and chilli oil.
Anyone know about this wine?


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Depends how "authentic" you want your Shaoxing chicken to be, I suppose. Shaoxing wine is a rice wine and certainly does give a distinctive flavour to meat and poultry. Suggest you brave those ten long miles, even if just once.
I've never heard of that wind, CJ, so I looked it up and found this: "The ideal Shaoxing wine substitute is pale dry sherry, which can also be used in place of other amber-colored rice wines. Try to find sherry bottles with 'dry' or 'pale dry' labels."
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Ok, thanks jim. It doesn’t have to be authentic, just taste decent.
Guess you'll never know... :-)
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Thank you too, sanmac.
I guess a glass of Sauvignon Blanc won’t do it. Ok, off to Waitrose tomorrow. :)
Have you tried Waitrose Home Delivery jo ? (save you driving)
You can get £10 off your first three shops if you don't already use it !!
Down side is ........ you need to spend £80
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I’ve never tried any supermarket delivery, Sam. I don’t know why. It unnerves me in some way. Daft, I know.
It's 100% safe jo, absolutely nothing to be unnerved about.
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I’m sure, Sam. Somehow it’s not something I’ve done, even though I usually hate supermarket shopping. I must try it sometime.
You're welcome jo xx

P.S mind check online first, to see if there is any discount vouchers if you do ;))
I use Ocado regularly, the delivery arm of Waitrose. £40 minimum per delivery, which is easy enough to reach.
waitrose now do direct delivery themselves as well as through Ocado. Ocado's contract with Waitrose is ending and in Seprtember they will start delivering for Marks and Sparks
You can use sherry as a substitute. I bought some of the rice wine back from Hong Kong and tried a sip. A sip was enough.
Most cookery books suggest dry sherry as a substitute in Chinese cookery as 237SJ suggests. I have a small bottle of Shaoxing wine (sainsbury) and is not dissimilar to sherry.
I also have a bottle of Mirin which is a Japanese rice wine. Also Sainsburys.

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Shaoxing Wine

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