Tea Pot Or Not?

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jack daniels | 19:43 Mon 16th Dec 2019 | Food & Drink
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Just out of interest, I was wondering:
1) how many people still use a teapot?
2) Do you use tea bags or loose tea?
3) Do you make it in a cup/mug every time?
4) Milk in first or after?
5) do you have any 'rituals' in tea making that you always stick to & follow?



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1. Always a teapot - even if it's just for me.

2. Tea bags - loose tea is too messy.

3. Not applicable.

4. Milk after.

5. It must be served in china cups. Builders' mugs need not apply for the job.

Only a very occaisional tea drinker am I, much prefer coffee at all times of the day and on any occaision.

When I do make tea its a tea bag in a warmed mug. Stir, remove, add milk.
We have a teapot, one of those round glass ones with a thing down the middle for putting the leaves in. Went through a phase of using it but have reverted to teabags as we think they make as good a cuppa in a mug, without all the faff and sink staining.
Milk always afterwards, and sometimes not at all.
No rituals, must be drunk very hot though.

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Tea Pot Or Not?

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