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horseshoes | 17:14 Sun 24th Nov 2019 | Food & Drink
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Hi all. I've just bought half a roast chicken from the hot deli counter at the supermarket. I'm just making my usual big pot of soup and I'd like to put the chicken in it. The soup won't be getting eaten until tomorrow evening. Is it ok to reheat it with the chicken in it? I'm never quite sure what to do if the chicken's in something rather than just eating it as it is. Thanks.


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Cool it once made then chill till tomorrow and reheat well , should be fine.

Sounds tasty.
TBH I'd be a bit wary. It's reduced because its at or near its use by. It's already been heated then has cooled on its way home. It will be heated when added to the soup...and heated AGAIN tomorrow.
I wouldn't.
I'd refrigerate chicken meat and add it to the portions of soup you want to consume tomorrow. I wouldn't want to add chicken to soup now, that you may be consuming for several days.'s a hot chicken that they want to sell before closing...not because it's on it's last legs!
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Thanks all. I think what I might do is cook my soup, cool it as suggested THEN add the chicken. That should be OK.
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.... as you both suggested.

Thank you.
The instructions on the bags (or boxes) that they put the chicken from the hot deli counter into say "Do not reheat". (Asda put those instructions on the bottom of the bags/boxes, so they don't exactly leap out at you). So, 'doing it by the book', you shouldn't be adding the chicken to your soup at all.

However I buy discounted chicken from the hot deli counter and keep the meat I'm not using immediately cool until the next day. (I've not got a fridge but the meter cupboard outside does the job well at this time of year anyway). I then bung it in a frying pan, with some 'value' curry sauce, for a quick but tasty curry. So I'm certainly prepared to 'break the rules' but it must be up to you to decide whether you also want to do so.
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Thanks Chris.
I've never even thought about it. I'd do as Ginge says though and add the chicken after cooled.

On the few occasions I've bought cooked chicken I'd happily reheat it and I'm very fussy.
As long as it is thoroughly reheated it should be OK.
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Hi Ummmm

I'll always buy it if it happens to be there. £1.50 for a half chicken!, but we usually have a salad with it. I suppose it's all about "heat thoroughly". You're living proof its OK!

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Oops Danny, our posts crossed then!

I too would say add the cooled down chicken to the soup tomorrow.
I was on the bus when I posted earlier, my eyes were going blurry in the dim light, so I only wrote my immediate thoughts.
I used to roast a chicken for Sunday, eat the rest (from the fridge) as cold meat Monday and boil the carcase and any remaining meat on Tuesday to make enough soup for several days. Never had any problems.
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Thanks Pasta and Jourdain.

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Reduced Price Chicken In Soup

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