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horseshoes | 12:09 Fri 04th Oct 2019 | Food & Drink
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What a twit I've been. I'm in the middle of making blackberry and Apple jam, and instead or adding my 300 mls of water I've added 3 x 300 mls. Why? I 've know idea. Of course it won't set, but am I able to rescue it?



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Can you not bring it to a rolling boil over a strong heat whilst consistently stiring? I've never made Jam but if i did too much water in a risotto that's what i'd do.
Just guessing but can you triple the volume of all other ingredients also ?
could you put it in a sieve let water run through then add the right amount
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Spath...... done that.

OG....... considered that but blackberries have more or less finished here now.

Mamya....... I'll give that a go.
If you've done the boiling surely it ain't just water anymore ?

Blackberry and some other fruit, apple maybe ?
Failing that, you could put everything through a muslin cloth and produce Blackberry and apple juice.
You could try using gelatine to thicken it, or if preferred, agar agar, the vegan option?
Reduce it and use as a coulis for ice cream etc.
Millilitreseconds ? Are you sure ?
Got your awkward cap on Karl ? ;-)
I’ve done that before. I just boiled it down for as long as I could.
I bet your kitchen smells lovely !

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