Sharp-Tasting Grapes

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Khandro | 11:46 Sat 07th Sep 2019 | Food & Drink
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Yesterday, leaving Alsace I bought a punnet of grapes which were described as 'Table Grapes', I was also buying other things & took the sellers at their word without tasting one. Now home I find they are not exactly sour, but too sharp to eat as fruit.
Can anyone suggest how I can use them please?


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Leave them a few days to sweeten.
Aren't they grapes for leaving on the table, as opposed to eating ?
Make grape jelly?
Try them with some strong cheeses (Blue Stilton, Roquefort, for example) - see what they do with the grapes.
Are they white grapes, if so you could use them in a chicken dish:-
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Thanks to all, I'll try ummm's suggestion of waiting - doing nothing is always a preferred option. If that fails I'll try the Veronique though that will only account for a cup full.
I thought of trying to make some kind of jam, but Mrs Khandro says I will only waste sugar & make something messy, she has little confidence in my culinary expertise!

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Sharp-Tasting Grapes

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