Salt And Pepper Tuc Biscuits

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tonyav | 23:12 Fri 23rd Aug 2019 | Food & Drink
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Has anybody else tried them, bloody lovely. They can cause thirst though !


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What would quench your thirst tony ?
There are plenty more to try, apparently ;-)
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What would quench your thirst tony ?

Well anne, funny that you should mention that ;-)

Something cold and Lagerish I think.
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Mmmmmm wouldn't mind giving the Bacon and the Roasted Chicken flavour a try, Chris.
The last time i tried Tuc biscuits a few months ago,they were nothing like I remembered! Hardly any saltiness at all! Had a couple and left the rest cos they weren't worth the calories tbh,and yes they were the so called original!
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I recommend that you give the Salt and Pepper flavour a try then, bunkmoreland. Plenty salty.
Samphire TUC? Wasn't he one of Robin Hood's pals?
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No he only fried them, Mamya.
Nice dipped in gravy, I bet...
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WE have him confused Maj ;-)
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Now look what you've made me do by mentioning the unmentionable.
Excuses,excuses - no good under pressure.
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Not that sort of pressure.
Recently bought a packet of Ritz crackers, which I hadn't had for ages. What a disappointment. No flavour, I ate two and binned the rest.

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Salt And Pepper Tuc Biscuits

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