Soda Water Or Sparking "spring Water"

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fbg40 | 15:40 Mon 19th Aug 2019 | Food & Drink
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Afternoon all,
I often like to drink lime juice and soda water with ice. My question is this: I have trouble getting smallish bottles of soda water and was wondering if there is much difference (if any) between soda water and sparking "spring" water (as advertised in most supermarkets). Sparking water is much easier to get. Many thanks.


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On the subject of sparkling water, Perrier seems to have disappeared from the shops. I can't find it anywhere.
I'd be tempted to get a bottle of spring water and try to see if you like it.
I also buy small bottles of soda from Morrisons.
Can you not buy the bigger bottles and decant the water into the wee ones?
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Thanks for the answers folks. Sadly we don't have a Morrisons near us and if I were to pour a large bottle into smaller ones I think they would go flat in no time - sorry, but thanks anyway. Will try some ordinary sparkling water methinks !!
Ok, to begin with all soda water contains sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda) usually along with a very small quantity of salt. In addition, depending on the manufacturer, soda water can sometimes also contain various other sodium or potassium salts to enhance the taste.
You can try making your own soda water from small bottles of sparkling spring water. What you need to do is to add one-eighth of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to every pint of sparkling spring water. So how do you measure one-eighth of a Teaspoon? Well, you can use a cooks measuring spoon or get a large pinch of the powder out if the pot by putting your index finger, middle finger and thumb into the container and pinching your fingers and thumb together.
Drop the powder into a pint of sparkling water in a bottle, shake it up and see what it tastes like. Add a tiny pinch of table salt if you feel something's missing. Decant this into smaller bottles, even empty 250ml childrens lemonade bottles if need be. Making this a pint a time should allow you to retain a good deal of the carbonation. Make it as you need it and dont keep it for longer than 3 days. It's cheap enough to make this way.
Not much help probably, but: if you ask for a glass of soda water at a bar you’ll probably get it for free from their nozzle (if you’re buying other drinks too). Ask for sparkling water and you’ll get a fairly expensive bottle from the fridge.
I too like lime soda. If I have it at home, I buy sparkling water from Aldi which is so cheap for a huge bottle. I use it while it's sparkling but as soon as it goes flat, I pour it away (only have maybe a couple of glasses worth left) it's a lot cheaper then buying small cans or bottles of soda or sparkling water
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Thanks again for the answers. Bought some sparkling water today to try.
If you use a decent lime cordial such as Rose's, you probably won't be able to tell the difference between soda water and sparkling. If you drink a lot of it and get a Sodastream you can have as much sparkling water as you want without using plastic.
(apart from the Rose's of course before someone jumps on me)

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Soda Water Or Sparking "spring Water"

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