Just Love My Soup Maker

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Bobbisox1 | 10:56 Sat 17th Aug 2019 | Food & Drink
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4 different types ,broccoli & Stilton, Vegetable , leek and potato and carrot and ginger,all done and waiting to cool before freezing in bags


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I bought one of these but it's in my never used cupboard, perhaps I should give it a go (I'm not very adventurous in the cooking dept )x
I batch make my soup in my huge pressure cooker. Otherwise I do a root vegetable soup batch in my slow cooker over night.
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Mally I wee tip would be to pour a little of your 800 ml stock in first if you're doing broccoli and Stilton ,this ensures the broccoli would stick to the bottom and mark your jug x
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I'll probably do that come Winter hc,get a good couple of large batches going as well as my soup maker x
could you come round and show me lol x
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It's so easy, 800 ml of veg stock ( cubes) I generally use 3, throw in any diced or sliced veg you have ,add stock, press if you prefer chunky or smooth and it does the rest in 21 mins
We eat a lot of soup in this house so I always make it in 6l batches. A soup maker is just not big enough but I can see the appeal.

Mally, surely your soup maker came with instructions and a few recipes? Give it a try
I will x
I prefer Marigold to vegetable stock cubes

I like Tesco red wine stock pot for meaty soups if I haven't made my own stock

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Ooh, must try them hc, thanks

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Just Love My Soup Maker

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