Re-Heating Burgers

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Biccylova | 12:40 Mon 17th Jun 2019 | Food & Drink
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I have some cooked beef burgers left over from yesterdays barbie can I re-heat them, if so how is the best way to do it so they are not too dry?


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Put them on a plate and cover with foil tucking it firmly under the rim.Preheat oven to 240c (gas 9) and heat for ten minutes.
Put them back on a warm BBQ for 5 minutes.

Other methods include the oven or a frying pan.

Heat thru.
Personally, I wouldn't re- heat. If you do so, then maybe in a barbecue sauce or gravy, but make sure piping hot.
If reheating in oven, place grease proof paper on the shelf below to catch any fat drippings.

BBQ'd burgers reheat best from a room temp, so if in fridge, leave for 3-5 min to slightly become less cold.
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Many thanks, I do hate waste.
Birds will eat it cold.
Other living things are available...
We get badgers and foxes, but not at the same time!
use as part of a pasty or pie filling?
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I reheat in the microwave
Mrts sqad says.......that she wouldn't re-heat...EVER, as one doesn't know how well they were cooked on the barbecue.
but surely reheating would kill any problems, which is why people reheat?

I guess people may re-heat for taste.
I would use microwave. Cover them with some cling film and a splash of water.
"but surely reheating would kill any problems, which is why people reheat? "

Not necessarily so spath...some bacteria and certainly some spores may be ACTIVATED by re-heating.
Oh interesting, fair play i will take note.

Do you have meat thermometer?
I have re-heated many different kinds of food using the method in my post at 12.44 and all of them have come out thoroughly heated through and piping hot.
Did somebody say 'piping hot'?

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Re-Heating Burgers

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