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Barmaid | 19:40 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Food & Drink
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Any wine buffs out there who can recommend some wine, please?

I need an easy drinking white and an easy drinking red that will please most palates and will go well with an afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes etc.

Preferably not too expensive because I'm going to need 20 bottles of each!!!!

And I am thinking Aldi!



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I don`t know about Aldi but Viognier and Gavi are very popular at the moment. For reds, it depends what you mean by easy drinking. Pinot noir is easy drinking in that it's quite light. For me, I would go for Malbec or Rioja (or another Tempranillo) but they are much heavier.
By the time they have made an impression on 40 bottles .. they wont care what it tastes like !
Just had a look at Aldi. I see they do Albarigno. That tends to be quite a good all rounder.
Buy by the case whatever you get and ask if they have an option to return if you have a lot left over
Freeman Bay Pinot Gris from New Zealand is a favourite of mine and under £6.00 a bottle in Aldi.
Hi Barmaid, I'm no wine expert, but loved the taste of these! I've tried the white & rose so far, give them a try.
They go off the shelves pretty fast too ..
The McGuigan wines are good. McG. Estate Chardonnay, or Estate Sauvignon and the red, Merlot. £5 A bottle.
Animus Vinho Verde, from the Loureiro grape, gets good reviews across multiple websites:

Estevez Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon also gets impressive reviews

. . . including here, which rates all of Aldi's sub-£5 wines in reverse order (so scroll down to the bottom of the list for the best ones):
Aldi’s Koolibura Chardonnay is nice. £3.99. Morrison’s La Falda Blanca. £4.50 both whites. Another white which is very very good, one of my favourites but has increased in price is Torres Vina Sol. Around £ 6-7.
A crowd pleaser which has achieved near-cult status:

A fabulously rich but easy-drinking red:

Two firm favourites of mine and his and often our choice on a Saturday night.

....and I take it you do know about Aldi's free home delivery service?
Ozzie Clark recommended Tesco Fruity Red, a bargain at £3.65.
We don't drink white wine very often, just when there is a heat wave … I said not very often. We have this in just in case.

We both really however, enjoy an Italian white wine from M&S. Unfortunately not available online. It has a slight (very) fizz. Vino Frizzante.
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Thank you very much, all. I'm not sure whether just to pick two or narrow it down to a selection (based on descriptions) and go and buy some samples. Unfortunately, I only have 9 days left so I cant spend it drunk.

Gingebee, yes I did know about free their home delivery. Although their nearest store isnt too far.

Calmck, please can you explain "left over" wine? It is not something I am familiar with.
If you have a number of unopened bottles some stores will let you return them
some places will let you take back unopened wine, Barmaid, as well as providing the glasses on loan.....

The Viognier/Gavi route I would go for, my preference of the two being the Gavi - and for the red, I would endorse a Pinot Noir, the NZ ones being fruitier, yet lighter than other wines....on the Aldi site, I would go for the alternative consideration could be to serve a Prosecco......?
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lol, thanks. Yes I knew that places will do sale or return. That was my little joke since the possibility of me returning wine is zero!
You mean there are wines which are hard to drink??? (scratched head)

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