Whats The Best Cream For Scones?

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lynbrown | 21:00 Thu 16th May 2019 | Food & Drink
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Im having afternoon tea this weekend. Whats the best cream for the scones?


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Extra thick, nom nom nom x
Clotted for me too (congratulations Tony)
clotted of course
Thanks Hopkirk ( aint done and dusted just yet though ).
I heard something on the radio about Albion after a new manager.
Thick for me. Clotted cream looks like it's turning! (Maybe I had a bad cream)
Clotted from me too.
I'm another clot ;-)
I fancy a scone now :-(
Clotted, and thick home made strawberry/raspberry jam .
I've never made jam. Is it easy? I do have some jam sugar as I planned to try it.
Well now, I gotta tell y'all that it all depends upon how you be pronouncin' them biscuity things. If yer scones rhymes with bones, then you slather em with clotted cream. but iffen they rhymes with cons then just a thin layer of margarine will suffice...So there.
No ummmm , just use a good quality jam. I’ve never made jam either, :*( lol.
Another vote for clotted cream (and homemade jam if you have it)
If it's fruit scones, I just have butter. Lovely.

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Whats The Best Cream For Scones?

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