Vegetable Bolognese

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bond | 19:00 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | Food & Drink
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I'm wanting to make a vegetable bolognese (I'm not vegetarian) with onions, garlic, bell peppers, carrots and mushrooms. I'm not sure whether to keep it chunky, or should I cut these ingredients quite finely to mirror how minced beef would be, any thoughts?


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keep it chunky but not too chunky
Add a little chopped celery,it’s crunchy.

Chunky would be my choice.
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Chunky, add the celery, it works well.
Definitely include the celery and mix up the chopping. I chop the onions, garlic and celery finely and dice the carrots small. As I add the other ingredients I leave them more chunky. Courgette if you have one, peppers, and then mushroom as chunky as you like. All finished with a tomato sauce and plenty of basil.

I like it maydup!
I'd do the mushrooms minced very finely...and lots of them. They will mimic meat in texture and mouth feel. The other veg can vary in size.

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Vegetable Bolognese

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