Frozen Avocado

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retrocop | 13:33 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | Food & Drink
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My wife bought a bag of this product from a well known frozen food store . She says it has an odd taste and refuses to eat any more of it and was going to bin it. I said I would try and salvage it and make Guacomole which we both like but she is adamant she wouldn't eat it. :-(
Has anyone else tried this product and.if so, what did you think of it ? I am aware that not all foodstuffs taste the same as when frozen from fresh.


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I hate frozen avocado - I think the texture and taste changes with the freezing.
However, you should be able to make guacamole out of it as the chilli etc will mask the taste
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That is what I thought regarding other flavours in Guacomole. I hate food waste so will go ahead and make it and if necessary eat it myself. Thanks
I also served it up chopped on a portion of chilli - again the stronger flavours and textures mask what the avocado has lost through freezing.
I've seen it...but knowing how wouldn't taste like avocado, I've not bothered trying it.
Don't pasta unless you like using avocado in smoothies as thats all its good for!
I like my avocado to *look* like avocado. ;-)
I buy lots of frozen avocado but only use them for my morning smoothie. I’ve not tried guacamole but it should be ok for that.
Would only buy fresh for anything else though.
It's avocado. Of course it has an odd unpleasant taste.
The other guacamole ingredients barely make it acceptable, but just succeeds.
Have to say, never tried it frozen.
I've got some in the freezer. It tastes OK but I'm not keen on the texture. Mine was bought from Tesco.
Froze it once myself and was just a really weird texture when defrosted.
mash it with black pepper, wee bit good olive oil...chilli if you like a bite..have on toast !
I like that idea minty!
It's still a bit watery though.
Agree with ummmm. It tastes watery

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Frozen Avocado

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