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Samuraisan | 17:49 Mon 11th Mar 2019 | Food & Drink
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How do you use the "warm setting " ? Do you switch it on as soon as the meal is cooked? Or use it to warm it up later.


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My guess is to keep it warm rather than warm it up.
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Yes, that's what I thought OG, but I wonder how long it would stay warm for ? Would the nutrients dissapate ?
If you contain the cooking liquid which is usually the case with a slow cooker then no you won't loose any nutrients.
I think you’re over thinking this - just bung your stuff in and see how it goes.
I'd never use a slow-cooker to warm anything's not designed for that purpose.
I agree with Sherrardk.
I bought a Tesco own brand slow cooker and experimented as I went along.
I think a slow cooker is a great item to have.
Go for it!
I turn mine to warm when I know the food is cooked but I’m not ready to eat it, it’s just a gentler heat
as puzzled does, if you have the meal cooked, your OH is out in the man shed or wherever and not ready, just leave it on warm, and there will be a hot meal - really Samuraisan, it is the easier way of cooking, have you looked at any Youtube demonstrations, they would help - if you seen it working, look for ones from UK as the US have crockpots and name everything different
Just an example of one demo - might help

The instructions with mine (Hinari HSC008) specifically state "Do not use the slow cooker for reheating food".

The setting is labelled "Keep Warm", i.e. after cooking has finished but before it cools.
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Thanks all. You are right, I am overthinking. I will go for it and I will check out some UK Youtubes. I'll let you know how I get on, I think it'll be a great asset when I cook for the granchildren during their holidays.

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Yet Another Slow Cooker Question

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