Does Anyone Have A Slow Cooker ?

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Samuraisan | 21:02 Sun 10th Mar 2019 | Food & Drink
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I am thinking of getting one, although it's only Mr.Sam and I at home now, I do cook a lot for the family. What are you opinions ? I see people use one lot on Come dine with Me.


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Its a great saver of energy, costs much less than running an oven and safer to leave on while you are out....great for tenderising meat and producing excellent flavour....downside, for me at least, is that it only produces "wet" food and I like a bit of texture variety.
I’ve got one but I rarely use it - I only do joints of ham in it (but it was v cheap). I suppose if you like casseroles you could make extra and freeze some. I’ve only made a casserole once and it smelt like cat food.
I thought I would use mine once and then forget about it, but I use it loads. I don't always have a lot of time in the evenings and it is so easy.
I have 2, a small one and a larger one for batch cooking, there's only myself to cook for, I find it brilliant as I can get out when I need to, throw something into the pot, come home and dinner's ready, the small one I use to cook porridge, while I'm doing morning bits and bobs like showering, tidying up, taking meds etc., just finish all that and tuck into a hearty breakfast. I love my slow cookers and sometimes get great ideas from other people that use them
A great invention, especially for warming winter food.
another useless gadget
I use mine quite a lot stews,slow braised beef (for pies), curries.
Stew cooking in ours right now. Tea sorted tomorrow.
I have one. I don't use it a lot, but when I do want to use it I'm glad I've got it. (Does that make sense?:)). I make hamburger stew, cabbage-roll casserole, chili, beef-stew, etc. It's an excellent once-in-a while cooking aid.
I have had one for a few years now and would not be without it.
I use it several times a week for stews and making soup.
I'm glad I bought it.
I have owned a couple of them but gave them away. If you could literally just chuck a bit of meat and veg and liquid in and come home eight hours later to a lovely meal it’d be great. But don’t you still have to brown everything in batches before leaving it?
Might as well use a big casserole pan and put it in a low oven.
Soup is so easy to make on the hob and saucepans are easier to clean.

I do have a slow cooker but I've only used it twice.
downside, for me at least, is that it only produces "wet" food and I like a bit of texture variety.

I've many chickens in mine...just bang it under the grill for ten to brown it when cooked.
I've ^cooked many ....
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I make a lot of curries, goulasch etc. How about the mince for Sheppard's Pie, I always brown the mince first with the onions, can it do that ? Has anyone got a digital one with a timer ? They are much more expensive, but it's the way to go I suppose, any recommended makes ? Crock seems to have quite a selection.
anyone got any rice dishes i can do in a slow cooker?
Spath - rice takes approx 10 minutes to cook!
Ah, true..
I love mine...everything comes out tender and moist. I can leave and forget it. Wouldn't be without it.

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