Do You Prefer Meat Or Fish?

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LadyCG | 21:57 Sat 16th Feb 2019 | Food & Drink
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And what's your favourite?

I couldn't choose between the two. Meat-wise I prefer pork and lamb but I do like Foie Gras for my sins. When it comes to fish I love salmon and halibut.

I love a nice steak but I wouldn't thank you for roast beef and yorkshire pudding (I'm bound to come under fire for saying that!!).


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I know people who keep fish, but cats make the best pets, IMO.
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I've never tried cat. Is it quite tender?
M & S cod. Bit prices for my pension but dead nice.
I prefer in this order:
Leg lamb steak
White fish
Beef steak
Minced beef
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Is the Cod actually from M&S or the North Atlantic?
What does cod roe come under ?, c'us I'm goning down the chippy in a minute for some Orange chips and a fresh roe.
Usually I prefer meat though.

Favourite is smoked haddock or a Conish Cock Crab - I can never decide between the two.

I love all fish and pretty much all shellfish. The only thing out of the sea I've never been able to 'get on board' with are oysters. I've tried them so many times, and I desperately want to like them.....but I just don't.

Meat-wise, I'm not a big beef or lamb eater, although I do absolutely adore calves liver.

Main meat we eat as a family is chicken, although would happily eat fish every single day were it not for (a) the hellish cost of fish in the UK and (b) the iffy quality of fish in supermarkets (we are lucky that we do have a proper fishmonger near us, and the quality is outstanding (really fat smoked haddock fillets) but the prices are eyewatering).
Well I shoplift it from the shop.
North Atlantic too expensive on the bus.
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Tony, please don't eat radioactive chips. They are the shame of the black country.... :-(
Fish, definitely. I like hammour, halibut and dorado. Meat's OK occasionally.
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I've just sat here an literally had a blast from the past...

Wild Alaskan King Crab legs!! Who's had them?? I seem to remember having them in BWI and Toronto.
Lamb au Lait or au Sel- Wagu Beef or a thick ribeye (love it Italian style)
Guinea fowl/Duck
Venison/Pheasant Breasts (off our estate birds)

Fish - salmon/monkfish/fresh trout

But I love lobster/crab/langies and scallops.

What I don't like are cockles and winkles, esp. in brine.
And overcooked meat or under-rested..... not a turkey fan as it's a barsteward to get moist.
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Deskdiary, you are right. The price of fish is shocking in our Island nation.
Not many foods I don't like but do like my meat - a nice beef joint or a shoulder of lamb, perfect.
Many a time on the legs, LadyCG - up in Washington and Oregon.

Maine/ Rhode Island and Massachusetts for Lobbies, Senegal for Langoustines and King Prawns...
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DT, I would love to eat more game. As for Turkey, it belongs in a curry or minced and made into kofta.
Tonyav, I love cod roe!!!
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DT, I had some mouthwatering seafood in Boston...
I 'ate fish - it all tastes the same to me apart from oily fish. I'm a real meat lover, toss up for first between pork and beef with lamb third.
true - and there are some great places up the coast and into Canuck land.

Had great fish - rouget etc in Cyprus - out the water and onto a café barbie, also in Provence and a fab-u-lous meal in a seafood restaurant in Cecina, 50km south of Livorno....partly as they realised one of our group came from Houston and the Uncle was out there when we were in Italy - suddenly we became family, dining on seafood risotto, langoustes, Tuscan cheese and local gelatos washed down with local wines and Grappas/coffee - 70 Euros for 3 of us and pigged out.

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Do You Prefer Meat Or Fish?

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