Minestrone Soup

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ethandron | 18:53 Thu 14th Feb 2019 | Food & Drink
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Anyone got their own favourite recipe for the above they’d care to share?
I had no idea most of the recipes have potato in them, not a problem, just a surprise. In the past I’ve just bunged in all sorts of veg then some sort of pasta, never a potato near it!


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You might care to scroll down to the comments and reviews here:

If you're lazy though, this looks like the really easy way to make it:
(Again, scroll down to read the comments and reviews)
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Thanks chris, I had seen both of those and himself really fancies the first one. Was just wondering if anyone had a recipe for one they do regularly and really rate. Thanks anyway...and glad to see you back, hopefully your waterworks are working sufficiently to keep you well x
Potato thickens soup. I put spuds in most of my soup. Just a small one mind.
This is an authentic Milanese minestrone.
My mother was from the south of Italy, and used tubular pasta rather than rice. I also don't remember her using potatoes...unless she mashed it as in this recipe.
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Thanks pasta, that’s another recipe with potato in used to thicken it. Any minestrone I’ve had has been a thin almost clear soup with veg, beans and pasta floating in it. Very interesting..
You can also add some sweet potato gives a different flavour and texture
I use a similar recipe to the one above but I substitute canned red kidney beans, smoked streaky bacon, tomato puree, and any small shaped pasta. I dont add rice or potato though. Whilst courgette is added , it makes little or no difference to the flavour imo. What does is a good quality stock cube(s) and black pepper.
The good thing with minestrone is that you can adapt the recipe to suit your own taste
I put potatoes in all my soups - thickens them up lovely.

Made leek and potato a few months ago - haven't a clue what I done but my cousin said it was the best she had have.

Made a big pot of veg soup last week and have frozen a lot of it but won't be making it again - I make too much.

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Minestrone Soup

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