Celeriac Soup

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ethandron | 19:47 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone make this and have a tried and tested recipe they could give me? There are plenty of recipes on line but I’d prefer a personally recommended one.
Our good friend EcclesCake used to make it on a regular basis but I never did ask her for the recipe... :(


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This is the closest I could get to the late eccles and her celeriac soup, she was kind of put on the spot but i hope it helps you
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Oh thank you so much Ducksie, I’m sure that must be the recipe she used. Made me a bit sad reading it to be honest.. x
It is delicious if you use 2 parts celeriac to 1 part celery, great combo, and you can still taste both! Chicken or vegetable stock. I finish it with some double cream (not too much!) and a few drops of truffle oil. Delicious!
Ah, I do hope you use it now ethandron, it would have been one of her signature soups, if you make it, think of her,she was a great cook and knew her stuff xx
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I definitely will Ducksie. I make her spicy butternut squash soup regularly and always think of her when I do, she was indeed a great cook. Did you know she came top of the class at the cordon bleu cookery school she attended?
Thanks Mighty Mouse, will take your suggestions on board too x
I didn't know that about Eccles but it wouldn't surprise me ethandron, she did know her food xx I love spicy butternut squash soup
Eccles was a chef. (I miss her)

I made Celeriac mash once....wouldn't touch the stuff ever again. I hated it :-)

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Celeriac Soup

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