Chinese New Year Food

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ethandron | 20:13 Tue 05th Feb 2019 | Food & Drink
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As it’s chinese New Year, we thought we’d have something a bit different so we had chilli and rice. It was lovely.
Did you have chinese food tonight? I just fancy a chinese banquet now..


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Flew back to Stansted with China Airlines. As we were coming into land he said it is normal to switch off the cabin lights but as it is the chinese new year I am only going to dim sum
23:47 Tue 05th Feb 2019
I didnt realise it was Chinese New Year. I've got some prawns to pan/stir fry...will that count?
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It would with me pasta, sounds very tasty.

No, it's a beef stewy, onion gravy, mashy thing tonight, no chop sticks required.
A lot of the programs I have seen since last Friday night,featuring interviews and cookery demonstrations - all of the Asian chefs have cooked pork in some form or other, Year of the Pig but that is not why they chose pork to eat one person told an interviewer
There was a meal cooked the other morning I was watching morning tv and it happened to be a variation in the Hairy Bikers Chinese Pork Loin, I know it would have been gorgeous as I cook the same meal often
Mash on chopsticks could be interesting...;)
We're having pork, does that count?
I guess it does Tilly ;)
I ate my soup with chopsticks as a tribute.
We had roast chicken but renamed it Peking Duck, just to be neighbourly.....
Just come back from the Chinese New Year firecracker thing at the park where I was told the more dumplings you eat the better your year will be. So I did. So shoot me. Food coma on the horizon...
Take some Alka Seltzer, CG. It might help.
New Year food does not include roast pork per se - each food has connotation of luck, health and fortune.

1. Spring Rolls - wealth and prosperity
2. Dumplings (Jiaozi) - another wealth expression
3. Extra long Noodles (Chang Shou Mian) to represent longevity
4. Steamed fish, usually garoupa (we called it groper) for prosperity
5. Rice cakes (Nian Gao) for good luck
6. Rice balls (Tang Yuan) for family and togetherness
7. Fruit (Oranges/tangerines/Kumqwats) the colour signifies gold and roundness.....
Flew back to Stansted with China Airlines. As we were coming into land he said it is normal to switch off the cabin lights but as it is the chinese new year I am only going to dim sum
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I rarely give a best answer but you get one Golob as you really made me chuckle :)
Me and the Ms ordered a chineese last night for the NY. Was yum. I was worried they may be closed, but nope!

We had Lemon chicken, salt and chilli crispy chicken, egg rice, sweet sour chicken balls, nom nom nom.
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Yum yum spath.
I would have ordered hot and sour soup, peking ribs, sweet and sour chicken, beef in black bean sauce, roast pork cashew nuts, prawn fu yung, and maybe some spring rolls and crispy seaweed. In my dreams..
We used to order all that when our boys were still at home and all share. Not much point these days just for the two of us.
Sometimes the set meal for two is pretty perfect! Usually get a good selection for starters which would include ribs and seaweed, then you'd get two main dishes :)

Me and the Ms keep it simple so we don't spend toooo much. It can be pricey at £5(average) a dish.

I've started to prefer Indian.. I feel it's a bit better quality more wholesome and filling. I get keema rice and a sag aloo that comes to less than £10 and it very filling and delicious! :P The Ms gets butter chicken, popadoms and a naan so we share the rice popadoms and naan it comes to lesss than £20
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I enjoy Indian food too spath, butter chicken being my favourite, and keema naan. Given the choice though, I’d always pick Chinese but only if I can have a little of a lot of different dishes.
Yeah i agree! Indian and chineese food it's better to have it tapas style, little bit of a large selection

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Chinese New Year Food

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