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wolf63 | 22:03 Sun 13th Jan 2019 | Food & Drink
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I am useless when it comes to cooking but have been making soup in the last few weeks.

I have one bowl to put the soup in and want to buy more. All bowls seem to be Cereal or Pasta bowls, is it not possible to buy soup bowls?

I don't want anything too breakable

Any help appreciated.

PS is it really possible to blow up a Pressure cooker - or is my brother winding me up?


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I am sure you can get soup bowls. I seem to remember my mother telling me when I was very young ( 1950s ?) that she or a neighbour had had a pressure cooker explode and one has to be very careful, but I bet they have improved since then.
A bowl is a bowl is a bowl. Doesn't matter what you put in it.
I have the opposite problem. I am looking for decent sized pasta bowls that are deep. Nearly ended up buying fruit bowls!!!
Maybe cause I'm greedy but I want a big bowl of pasta not a few strands of spaghetti in a cereal bowl.
I had to buy some bowls last week - I got them from Amazon and they are quite large so they can be carried without spillage. I wouldn’t say they’re soup bowls but they are nice and deep.
Good link Mamya. Some good size bowls there. Thanks.

Just beat me to it JD, ;o)
Never mind the bowls just remember you have to tip it away from you and eat from the spoon held sideways :-)
Can I slurp the last drop from the bowl?
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The one bowl that I have left is like the ones in Mamys link. Will check them out.

I need a set of pots too - preferably fireproof but that isn't too urgent.

Tony - I might give it a miss.
Not if my mother is watching - from above :-)
Got my last set from Wilkinsons good value and deep enough for dipping French stick in, can also be used for cereals in the morning.
On your other question modern pressure cookers will not explode, providing you don't cover the pressure relief valve. Very economical way of cooking and retaining flavour, far better than boiling veg.

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Bowls For Soup

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